MORROW, EDWARD C., Staff Sergeant, # 14134422, USAAF


Edward C. Morrow was born on 4 July 1920 in Tennessee to Cicero Lafayette Morrow (1874-1954) and Martha “Mattie” Lee (Martin) Morrow (1877-1953) (married 1898). Siblings included Forrest Nathan Morrow (1902-1998), Austin Gordon Morrow (1905-    ), Mack Gentry Morrow (1908-1972), and Roy Earl Morrow (1912-1966). He completed four years of college. His father was appointed the U.S. Postmaster for Waynesboro, Wayne Co., TN, 1 July 1903. In 1930, his cousin, Robert “Bob” H. Morrow (1904-1964), lived with the family.


He enlisted in the USAAF at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, on 22 August 1922. He was trained in the maintenance and operation of the .50 caliber aerial machigunes on the B-29 Superfortress and earend his crewman wings. He was senior gunner the day he died. On 21 November 1944, a B-29, # 42-6278, “Acid Test,” of the 20th Air Force, 462nd Bomb Group, 770th Bomb Squadron, Piardoba, India, departed the airfield at Kulainglai, China, on a bombing mission to Omura, Japan. It was fired upon by enemy aircraft over the target aircraft assembly plant at Omura, Japan, at about 0802 hours. Capt. Abranovic reported that they had just left the target and were making a right turn when a B-29 was reported spinning to the ground from an altitude of about 22,000 feet. Lt.Col. Sullivan reported that B-29 #278 was out of control and entered a spin after a fighter attack over Omura, Japan, and that it passed under his B-29. Capt. Johnson reported that an enemy fighter attacked and #278 went out of control, turning to the left and nearly colliding with # 389. He saw the B-29 to their left going down in a vertical spin to the right. His gunners reported the B-29 still spinning at about 5,000 feet below them before sight of it was lost. No parachutes were seen. However, SSgt. Morrow was able to parachute or was thrown clear of the aircraft or a section of the aircraft crashed onto an island, before it was lost. He died that same day. His remains were recovered from the Japan area and temporarily buried. His recovered remains were buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Waynesboro, Tennessee in 1951.

His brother, Mack G. Morrow, born 17 May 1908, enlisted in the U.S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, on 18 February 1942. He died on 18 April 1972.

CORNELIUS, GAIL, Staff Sergeant, # 38179566, USAAF


Gail Cornelius was born on 6 February 1917 in Miller County, Arkansas to Francis “Frank” Marion Cornelius (1883-1968) (AR) and Zona Iona Cornelius (1890-1944) (TX) (married 12 February 1913). Siblings included Jack William Cornelius (1915-1950), Rubye Mae (Cornelius) Austin (1919-2002), Retha (Cornelius) Wilson nee Bishop (1921-1979), Kathryn Frances (Cornelius) Moody (1923-1998), Eugene Cornelius (1927-1982). In 1940 his paternal grandmother, Sarah Ann (Weaver) Cornelius (1847-1942) lived with them (grandfather – James W. Cornelius (1844-1917). In 1940 he worked as a pressman for Mr. C.E. Palmer, a publisher of a newspaper at 315 Pine St., Texarkana. A pressman maintained the printing press and assisted in the organization of the letters and distributed in the ink in a thin even layer on the type surface using two soft leather inking balls. A pressman would emplace a page of blank paper into a frisket (paper holder) then pull a lever, pressing the page to the inked type.