On 14 October 1944, a B-29, # 42-6280, “Klank-Klank,” assigned to 20th Air Force, Dudhkundi, India, 444th Bomb Group, 678h Bomb Squadron, departed Kwanghang, China, on a bombing mission to Okayma, Taiwan, and was “lost due to unknown reasons.” All died in the crash of the B-29 Superfortress. The crew were:


                                                   Pilot                 Major Edward L. Vannoy Jr.                0-396493

                                                   Co-Pilot           Lt.Col. Donald R. Boss                        0-21832

                                                   Navigator        2ndLt Kenneth D. Ault                       0-682275

                                                   Bombardier      2ndLt Samuel J. Shields                       0-738794

                                                   Engineer          1stLt Louis J. Bemish                          0-856412

                                                   Radio-Gunner  SSgt Robert W. Cabral                         39120945

                                                   Radar               SSgt Leo W. Levine                             32627624

                                                   Senior Gunner SSgt Herbert H. Becking                     39277286

                                                   Left Gunner     SSgt Cleo D. Catron                            15333702

                                                   Right Gunner   SSgt Charles McCarthy                        32568520

                                                   Tail Gunner     SSgt Dahl M. Fansler                           39188274

                                                                           2ndLt Arnold Boe


Summary of combat mission 10: 42-6280 was believed to have been seen when the formation was coming together at Sui-Ning (30-29 N – 105-36 E) at about 0700. The formation entered an overcast and 42-6280 was not seen again. B-29, 42-6202 landed at Liangshan, believes he heard 42-6280 calling Liangshan when 42-6202 was circling Liangshan before landing at about 1600.


Next-of-kin were listed as:


                                            Boss                 Mr Roy W Boss, F, 51 Hirschfield Drv, Williamsville, NY

                                            Vannoy            Mrs Bobbie Jo Vannoy, W, Box 324, League City, TX

                                            Bemish            Mrs Mary Elizabeth Bemish, W, 94 Brunswick St, Rochester, NY

                                            Ault                 Mr Ashley O Ault, F, Cedar Creek, NE

                                            Shields             Mrs Jean B Shields, M, 3828 Weems St, Houston, TX

                                            Boe                  Mrs Leslie F Boe, W, 19171 Lancashire Rd, Detroit, Mich.

                                            Cabral              Mrs Ruth A Cabral, M, 430 Homestead, Santa Clara, CA

                                            Levine             Mrs Frieda Levine, M, 97-68 Corona Ave, Corona, NY

                                            Becking           Mr Albert G Becking, F, 217 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA

                                            Catron             Mr John C Catron, F, Frankfort, IN

                                            McCarthy         Mrs Yvonne McCarthy, W, 296 Birchwood Rd, New Milford, NJ

                                            Fansler             Mr Elmer J Fansler, F, 1806 Virgnia St, Everett, WA