On 20 August 1944, a B-29, # 42-6301, “Wayupinthere,” assigned to 20th Air Force, Chakulia, India, 40th Bomb Group, 25th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Hsinching, China, on a bombing mission of the aircraft assembly plants at Yuwata, Japan. The crew were:

                                                 Pilot                 Capt. James A Slattery Jr.                     0-663574

                                                 Co-Pilot           1stLt James Abernathy Jr.                     0-807574

                                                 Bombardier      2ndLt Howard A Betz                          0-685426

                                                 Navigator        2ndLt John R James                              0-743597

                                                 Engineer          F/O Harvey L. Kantlehner                    T-192561

                                                 Radio               SSgt Roy E Wagner                              36320968

                                                 Radar               Sgt Edward H Ringgold III                  13126005

                                                 Senior Gunner Sgt Robert A Linton                             12098604

                                                 Left Gunner     Sgt Francis R Jalacic                            37315595

                                                 Right Gunner   Sgt Byron E Angevine                         16110643

                                                 Tail Gunner     TSgt Thomas W Lacy                           18013657

A crash was reported 45 miles south of Kunlien, China. A plane had crashed and burned at roughly 170 miles south of Hsinching, China, at about 2200 on 20 August 1944 and was identified as 42-6301. All crew members were killed. Eleven bodies were found and buried in separate graves by the Chinese. Last contact was by radar over Yellow River. It was believed they ran out of fuel.

The next-of-kin list was:

                                             Slattery             Mrs Tillie D Slattery, M, 4310 Stanford St, Houston, TX

                                             Abernathy        Mrs Mary E Abernathy, W, Frankfort, OH

                                             James               Mrs Thelma M James, W, 33 Visper St, Portland, Maine

                                             Betz                 Mr Richard L Betz, F, 248 Ludford St, Ludlow, KY

                                             Kantlehner      Mrs Geneva E Kantlehner, W, 3307 Richard Ave, Louisville, KY

                                             Ringgold          Mrs Bessie Ringgold, M, 704 Atlantic Ave, Collingswood, NJ

                                             Wagner                        Mrs Caroline Wagner, M, 4606 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL

                                              Linton              Mr William Linton, F, 8430 Westford Rd, Philadelphia, PA

                                              Angevine         Mrs Mildred Clemens, S, 2877 Blackmore St, Slaginaw, Mich.

                                              Jalacic              Mrs Frances Jalacic, 411 _innen St, Saint Paul, Minn.

                                              Lacy                 Mr Thomas T Lacy, F, Rte 1, Bishop, TX