REED, FRANCIS PHILLIP, Sergeant, # 12165680, USAAF


Francis P. Reed was born on 3 April 1923 in New Jersey to James Samuel Reed (1895-1934) and Anna Amelia (Hess) Reed (1892-    ). Siblings included Harold John Reed (1921-    ) and Wesley James Reed (1928-1998). He enlisted in Newark, New Jersey 10 November 1942. His remains are buried in the East Ridgelawn Cemetery, Delawana, New Jersey.

43-15403         C47


On 11 June 1944, C-47A, # 43-15403, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron, departed the 10th Air Force airfield at Dinjan, India, on an air supply mission to the map coordinates 22R SC2562, Burma. The aircraft crashed near Kum Gahtawng, Burma. There was one survivor. The crew were:

                             Pilot                             2ndLt Fred A. Crawford                      0-737010         KIA

                             Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Leonard R. Colville                   0-799537         KIA

                             Radio Operator            Cpl Clarence A. Stowers                      16154736        KIA

                             Drop Crew                  Tech.5 Harold A. Graham                     35366086        KIA

                               “                                  Cpl Frank J. Ploski                              33353972        KIA

                               “                                  Tech.5 Edward Hnizdor                      36372600        ALW

Next-of-kin were listed as:

                               Crawford         Mrs Julia E Crawford, mother, RR # 2, E. 4th St. Rd., Seymour, IN

                               Colville            Mrs Cora H Colville, mother, 211 Woodrow Ave, Chattanooga, TN

                               Stowers            Mr Clarence W Stowers, father, 721 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, Wisc.

                               Graham           Mrs Vera Graham, mother, Burrows, IN

                               Ploski              Mrs Veronica Ploski, mother, 32 Morgan St, Plymouth, PA

                               Hnizdor           Mrs Bessie Hnizdor, mother, 2125 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL

A radiogram was reeived from Forward Echelon Combat Hqrs on 13 June 1944 (paraphrased): The C-47A crashed and burned at about 0700 hours local. Parts of five bodies were found. One survivor with broken shoulder and internal injuries. All bodies buried near trail.  The wounded survivor was Technician 5th Grade Hnizdor.

Flight of B-29 Superfortresses over Japan