He registered for the WW II draft on 16 February 1942 and described himself as 5’10”, 140 lbs, with red hair and brown eyes. After enlisting, he was trained as a bombardier of the B-29 Superfortress. On 26 June 1944, a B-29, #42-6323, nicknamed “Eileen,” assigned to 20th Air Force, 444th Bomb Group, 678th Bomb Squadron, crashed on takeoff from the airfield at Chabua, India. The aircraft was a total loss and all of the crew were killed. Some were deemed “killed during an operational flight.” Once the crew remains were recovered, they were buried in the airfield cemetery at Kalaikunda, India. After recovery from the airfield cemetery in India, his family had his remains buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, California.


His father, Clarence W. Cumming, was a veteran of WW I and has an official passport from the U.S. State Department. He resided in China and Japan as had an import/export business. During WW II, while located in the Philippines, he was a civilian POW of the Japanese in the Los Banos Camp, Luzon.


His brother, George W. Cumming, born 4 November 1918, served in the U.S. Army, rank of Lieutenant Colonel, which service began 13 February 1941 and ended 22 December 1945. He died 23 May 1988 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California.

John N. Cumming pulling his dog

John N. Cumming

George Cumming

MIKLOSH, WALTER B., Second Lieutenant, # 0-746594, USAAF


Walter B. Miklosh was born on 22 December 1923 in Chicago, Illinois, to Walter Miklosh (1900-1978) and Bernice (Zemlis) Miklosh (1904-1974) (married 19 July 1923 in IL). Siblings included Raymond J. Miklosh (1926-1969), Robert Russell Miklosh (1929-1991), Patricia Ann (Miklosh) Hunt nee Beard nee Campbell (1930-2002), and Bernice (Miklosh) McKenzie (1934-    ). He graduated from Lindblom High School in 1942, an R.O.T.C. Major, Honor Society, and President of the Pan-American Club. In 1940, his paternal grandmother, Anna Miklosh (1879-1966) (Lithuania) and his paternal uncle, Albert P. Miklosh (1915-1975), lived with the family.