THIEMAN, WARREN E., Master Sergeant, # 19051718, USAAF


Warren E. Thieman was born on 4 September 1920 in Lockwood, Dade Co., Missouri, to Otto Henry Thieman (1885-1967) and Oma Mary Thieman (1886-1975). A brother was Oswell F. Thieman (1925-2013). Siblings included Martha Marinda (Thieman) Dore (1916-1999), Anna (Thieman) Turner (1918-2012), Roy Otto Thieman (1923-2014), Oswell Fred Thieman (1925-2013), and Ernest Alvin Thieman (1927-    ). In 1930 his maternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (Clark) Robertson (1847-1946) (IN), widowed, lived with them. She was married on 1 September 1870 in Linn, Kansas, to John Baric Robertson (1844-1907) (MO).


He enlisted in the USAAF at Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, California, on 8 February 1941. He was trained in the maintenance and operation of the .50 caliber machineguns on the B-29 Superfortress. He was serving as right waist gunner. On 26 June 1944, a B-29, #42-6323, nicknamed “Eileen,” assigned to 20th Air Force, 444th Bomb Group, 678th Bomb Squadron, crashed on takeoff from the airfield at Chabua, India. The aircraft was a total loss and all of the crew were killed. Some were deemed “killed during an operational flight.” Once the crew remains were recovered, they were buried in the airfield cemetery at Kalaikunda, India. His remains were recovered from the airfield cemetery at Kalaikunda, India, and buried in the Lockwood Cemetery, Lockwood, Missouri, in 1948.


His brother, Ernest A. Thieman, born 21 December 1926 registered for the WW II draft on 23 December 1944 and enlisted at Fort Riley, Kansas, on 18 September 1946.

LARKINS, JOHN M., Technical Sergeant, # 34188347, USAAF


John M. Larkins was born in 1918 in Dickson, Dickson Co., Tennessee, to William Franklin Larkins (1878-1947) and Palestine June (Sullivan) Larkins (1882-1935) (married 12 April 1900). Siblings included William Doyle Larkins (1901-1978), Hazel Dell (Larkins) Adcock (1904-1980), Hassell Thomas Larkins (1907-1973), Christine V. (Larkins) Halliburton (1910-1988), Dorothy May (Larkins) Knight (1913-2004), and William F. Larkins (1915-    ). In 1942, the family lived at 400 North Main St., Dickson, Tennessee.