On 20 August 1944, a B-29, # 42-6330, “Fickle Finger of Fate” assigned to 20th Air Force, 444th Bomb Group, 676th Bomb Squadron (Very Heavy), departed Kwanghan, China, for a bombing mission against the target of the iron works in Yawata, Japan. The B-29 crashed into a cliff near its base in China after the mission and eleven of the twelve-man crew was killed. The unit earned the Distinguished Unit Citation (ribbon) for the Yawata raid. They were:


                                          Pilot                             Maj. Charles E. Hansen                       0-393115

                                          Co-Pilot                       1stLt Harold H. Heinbaugh                 0-687591

                                          Navigator                    Capt. Stephen I. Silverman                  0-429312

                                          Bombardier                  1stLt Roy W. Peerman, Jr.                   0-670232

                                          Engineer                      MSgt Robert A. Gidley                        17040837

                                          Radar                           SSgt Virgil W. Belford                         18226264 (survivor)

                                          Radio                           TSgt Albert J. Lobozzo                        33286180

                                         Gunner                        SSgt Walter Wallace “Walt” Gilonske  12014751

                                         Gunner                        SSgt Harold D. Lanham                        18217663

                                         Gunner                        SSgt Howard L. Richel                         39030988

                                         Gunner                        SSgt Denver P. Edington