On 20 August 1944, a B-29, # 42-6334, assigned to 20th Air Force, 468th Bomb Group, 794th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Pengshan, China, on a bombing mission of Yawata, Japan. It was rammed by a Japanese fighter over Yawata and exploded in mid-air. The crew, killed in action, were:


                                             Pilot                             Lt.Col. Robert S. Clinkscales               0-401370

                                             Co-Pilot                       1stLt David S. Castleberry                   0-684275

                                             Navigator                    Capt Gilbert S. Kadinger                      0-430069

                                             Bombardier                  Capt Stanley Sims Smyth                    0-420420

                                             Engineer                      2ndLt David E. Himadi                        0-859844

                                             Radio                           MSgt Wallace Richardson Jr.               17021574

                                             Radar                           TSgt James M. Coutts                          16045330

                                             Gunner                        TSgt George W. Bell                            15070091

                                             “                                  SSgt Paul S. Brouillard                         17156994

                                             “                                  TSgt John T. Fitzpatrick                       6916890

                                             “                                  MSgt Clarence L. McHenry                 19010401

                                             “                                  MSgt Lou F. Baker                              38003075


The witness who saw the crash was Lt.Col. Donald J. Humphrey, 0-403902.


Lt.Col. Clinkscales was leading a four-ship formation when his B-29 was rammed by an enemy fighter over the target at Yawata, Kyushu, Japan, and the B-29 disintegrated in the air. Lt.Col. Humphrey, flying 42-6279 in the # 3 position, said the fighter climbed into the B-29 and impacted so that the fighter’s right wing stayed embedded in 42-6334. The remainder of the fighter catapulted in flames over Lt.Col. Humphrey’s right wing. 42-6334 burst into flames and disintegrated.


The father of Capt. Stanley S. Smyth wrote the Commanding General and asked that members of his squadron write him: Mr. E.F. Smyth, RFD, Box 218, Santa Barbara, CA. The squadron had been transferred to the U.S., Radio APOPT 0191, Headquarters 58th Bomb Wing, 468th Bomb Group, Fort Worth, Texas, dated 16 November 1945. The radio message stated that the records of the organization were placed aboard the U.S.S. John Land, which departed Tinian for Los Angeles via Saipan on 15 November 1945. To 468th omb Group, Fort Worth, Texas.