On 29 July 1944, a B-29, # 42-6351, assigned to 20th Air Force, 40th Bomb Group, 25th Bomb Squadron, departed an airfield at Hsinching, China, on a bombing mission. The last known location of the B-29 was three miles southeast of Heinching. The # 4 engine had to be feathered. As they lowered the landing gear, the # 3 engine quit, thus it crashed on its emergency landing approach made shortly after departure. Unfortunately, the MACR in fold3.com was incomplete. The crewmen deemed killed in action were:


                                                   Capt. Neumon Horne Taylor

                                                   Capt. Murr E. Skousen                        0-726539

                                                   1stLt Diement V. Lyman                     0-807005

                                                   1stLt Francis John Forhan

                                                   2ndLt Edwin George Baetjer II

                                                   TSgt Leldon Shead

                                                   TSgt Norman E. Johnson

                                                    SSgt Arthur H. Carnes Jr.

Next of kin were listed as:


                                        Carnes             Mrs Augusta H Carnes, M, Box 5, Moody, TX

                                        Baetjer             Mr Harry N. Baetjer, F, Eccleston, MD

                                        Forhan             Mrs Florence Forhan, M, Sumner, Iowa

                                        Johnson           Mrs Hilma Johnson, M, 7735 Bennett Ave, Chicago, IL

                                        Shead               Mrs Edna G. Walker, M, Richards, TX

                                        Taylor              Dr Neumon Taylor, F, 275 Tilton Rd, Memphis, TN

                                        Skousen           Mrs Emma M Skousen, M, Chandler, AZ

                                        Lyman             Mr Willard N Lyman, F, 45 California Ave, Middletown, NY

SKOUSEN, MURR ELDRED, Captain, # 0-726539, USAAF


Murr E. Skousen was born on 29 December 1917 in Mesa, Arizona, to James Niels Skousen (1872-1957) and Emma Fredericka (Mortensen) Skousen (1877-196). Siblings included Joseph Niels Skousen (1902-1997), Clarence Frederick Skousen (1904-2003), Basil Wayne Skousen (1905-1992), Marvin Skousen (1907-1997), Klien Kimball Skousen (1909-2003), Elda Skousen (1911-1912), Willard Ivan Skousen (1913-2011), Karl M. Skousen (1915-2009), Mabel Skousen (1916-1917), Peter John Skousen (1919-2004), Mary Joanne (Skousen) Pace (1921-2009), James Grant Skousen (1900-1954), Clyl Lester Skousen ( (1903-1991).


He enlisted in the USAAF (enlisted service # 18044410) on 3 November 1941. He had a four-year college degree and his enlistment was to be for one year.  One month and four days after he enlisted, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and his time in service was indefinitely extended. He completed flight training and earned his commission and pilot wings. He was selected for the extensive training for the B-29 Superfortress.