On 21 November 1944, a B-29, # 42-6362, assigned to 20th Air Force, 468th Bomb Group, 792nd Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Pengshan, China, on a bombing mission to Omura, Japan. Its last known location was ½ mile from the Pengshan airfield. In addition to flying “the Hump,” the 468th Bomb Group B-29 aircraft bombed the enemy in Bangkok, (Siam) Thailand 5 June 1944, mined enemy shipping lanes near Saigon (French Indochina – Annam), Vietnam, and bombed enemy targets in Burma, Siam, Annam, Shanghai, China, Formosa (Taiwan) and Japan. The 468th Bomb Group received a Distinguished Unit Citation for its bombing raid on 11 August 1944 of the iron/steel works, Yawata, Japan. The crew was:


                                           Pilot                 Capt Harry C. Maisch                          0-789070       

                                           Co-Pilot           1stLt Osburn E. Whiteley                    0-738523       

                                           Navigator        2ndLt Paul L. Westbrook                     0-746775       

                                           Bombardier      2ndLt Francis E. Meredith                  0-686107       

                                           Engineer          1stLt Edwin R. Johnson                       0-394452       

                                           Radar               2ndLt James G. Christie                      0-580617       

                                           Radio               SSgt Richard J. Peterson                      17153902     

                                           Senior Gunner Sgt Harry B. Jackson                            36574871

                                           Left Gunner     SSgt Otis A. Pegg                                 34306961

                                           Right Gunner   TSgt Richard R. Brown                        14032903       

                                          Tail Gunner     SSgt Alyois E. Holst                             

17108423        RTD (75 ft from crash)


B-29, 42-6362, made a heavy-weight take-off at night without landing lights. Airborne, it climbed to about 200 feet, and slowly descended until almost out of sight from the ATC tower. It then made a sudden climbing turn to the left, climbed to about 300 feet, then made a diving turn into the ground. It burst into flames when it crashed. The tail gunner was able to escape through his hatch and suffered third degree burns on his scalp and hands. All others were killed. Investigation revealed the B-29 had flown into four trees which were about 35 feet high.



Harry C. Maisch was born on 9 July 1919 in New Jersey to Harry August Maisch (1893-    ) and Helen (Seiber) Maisch (1894-    ) (both born in NY) (married in 1914, NJ). A sibling was Marjorie Wilhelmenia (Maisch) Lang (1916-1994) (married Ethan Lang -1900-     - Optometrist). In 1920 his maternal grandparents, Jacob Sieber (1857-    ) (emigrated 1889 – naturalized – Switzerland) and Rosetta Sieber (1858-    ) (emigrated 1889 – naturalized – Switzerland). In 1920 his father was a railway foreman. He graduated from Camden High School (golf; track – relay team; football; voted the most handsome boy; awarded the “C” letter) and attended the College of William and Mary. He was married to Leone Marie Singer (1920-2006- Wisconsin), in the United Methodist Church, Terra Haute, Camden, New Jersey, on 27 February 1943.