Col. Ted Faulkner, pilot of 42-6370, was the Commanding Officer of the 468th Bomb Group, per letter from Lt.Col. James V. Edmundson to the wife of Major Arnoldus, who chose to serve as Group Navigator. Major Johnson was serving as Group bombardier and his regular assignment was to Operations, Plans and Training Section of 20th Air Force. All other crewmen were assigned to 468th Bomb Group, 793rd Bomb Squadron.


The entire Bomber Command (20th AF) and units of the British Navy conducted a thorough search of the area for several hundred miles around the wreckage location. The search lasted several days. Nothing was found. An undated letter from Mrs Ktherine D. Miller, mother of Sgt. Miller, states that a search, about 30 hours after the crash, found three life rafts tied together and partially submerged – unhappily empty. The source of the information was the regularly assigned navigator. The legally presumed date of death under the MIA Act is 27 March 1946.

The next-of-kin list was:

                                           Faulkner          Mrs Ted S. Faulkner, W, 318 Elm St, Delhart, TX

                                           Eigler               Mr Fred W Eigler, F, RFD, Bagley, Iowa

                                           Arnoldus          Mrs Dorothy B. Arnoldus, W, 166 Serrano Drv, San Francisco, CA

                                           Johnson           Mr John N Johnson, F, Rte 1, Chandler, OK

                                           Peterson          Mrs Elizabeth E Peterson, W, 215 Park Ave, Vineland, NJ

                                           Kennedy          Mrs Ellen E. Kennedy, W, 95 3rd St, Medford, Mass.

                                           Glibbon           Mr Nicholas Glibbon, Rte 1, Box 10, Fruitport, Mich.

                                           Miller               Mrs Katherine D. Miller, M, 63 North St, Greenwich, Conn.

                                           Westbrook       Mrs Hattie I Westbrook, 1701 W. 18th St, North Little Rock, AR

                                           Gruber             Mrs Rose Schwertner, M, Rte 1, Miles, TX

                                           Queen              Mrs Mildred K. Queen, 1926 7th Ave. North, Saint Petersburg, FL

                                           Andrew            Mrs Dollie J Andrew, 216 W. Washington, Springfield, IL



Ted S. Faulkner was born 15 February 1913 in Colorado to Henry Lewis Faulkner (1875-1924) and Frances S. Faulkner (1892-    ) (WA) (widowed in 1930 – Seattle, WA). A sister was Helen (Faulkner) Yerden (1915-2000) (WY). He graduated from Broadway High School, Seattle, WA. He was an “aviation fan” and wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. He had a “mathematical turn of mind.” In 1940 he was in his fourth year of college at the University of Washington and a member of the Scabbard and Blade fraternal organization. In 1940, he was married to Elizabeth J. “Betty” (Friend) Faulkner (1915-2001), whom he married on 1 March 1938 in Alameda, California.


He enlisted in Washington and was an aviation cadet from 17 June 1935 to 1 June 1937. He graduated from the A.C. Flying School in 1936 and advanced flying school, bombardment course, in 1936 and was rated to pilot multi-engine aircraft. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant on 1 June 1937 and entered active duty 2 June 1937. He was promoted to First Lieutenant 9 September 1940 at Fort Douglas, Utah. He was promoted to Captain on 1 March 1942; to Major on 6 July 1942; to Lieutenant Colonel on (permanent) 10 April 1944 and to Colonel 1 August 1944. He was Commander, 468th Bomb Group.