It was signed: MSgt F.L. Brown, Medical Dept.


20th AF Adjutant General’s office recommended reply to letter from wife of Sgt. William B. Jackson, MIA and reported as dead.


B-29, 42-63363 rammed by enemy fighter midar crash – 1 propellar would not feather then fell off. Crew bailed out and walked out. B-29, 42-6299, was rammed by an enemy fighter. B-29 spun in dive and disintegrated in mid-air. Three parachutes seen. Occurred near target (Mukden, Manchuria). B-29, 42-6390 was hit in tail section by enemy fighter. Crashd and one parachute seen. B-29 42-6262 reached coast of China. Not seen again. B-29 42-6359 passed Tehsien with the formation. Crew told formation leader it was low on fuel. Crashed into a mountain in enemy territory. No search.


B-29 42-6349 crashed 1 ½ hours from Pengshan, near top of Taipochad Mountain, 25 miles NW of Wan-Yuan, 200 feet from mountain to.


Next-of-kin of crewmen killed:

SSgt William B Jackson, 11072814 –                  John B Jackson, F, 371 Prospect St, New Haven, Conn.

Sgt Joseph Micciche, 15164718 –                       Salvatore Micciche, F, 93 Ray South St, Brooklyn, NY

Sgt Russell W Peters, 35389314 –                       Selma Peters, M, 415 E Evergreen Ave, Youngstown, OH

Next-of-kin list:

Schneider                                    Mrs E.V. Schneider, W, 715 Fremont St, Manhattan, KS

Smith                                          Mr Roger S Smith, F, Box 208, Grand Junction, CO

                                                    Mrs Georgia N. Smith, W, Hamilton City, CA

Bucher                                        Mr Gabbard Bucher, F, 3100 Lamb Ave, Richmond, VA

Lyons                                          Mr Raymond A Lyons, F, RFD 1, Cygnet, OH

Syybesma                                   Mrs Ruth C Sybesma, W, 35 Maplelawn SE, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jackson                                       Mrs Mary E Jackson, W, 1060 5th Ave, NY, NY

Bodart                                         Mrs Stella B Bodart, W, 52 N Laird St, Green Bay, Wisc.

                                                    Mrs Leona Bodart, M, 1914 Cherry St, Green Bay, Wisc.

Aldieri                                         Mrs Mary Aldieri, M, 527 Chapel St, New Haven, Conn.

Fink                                             Mrs Lydia E Fink, M, Lansing, Iowa

Peters                                           Mrs Selma Peters, M, 415 E Evergreen Ave, Youngstown, OH

Micciche                                      Mr Salvatore Micciche, F, 93 Bay 17th St, Brooklyn, NY

LYONS, CALVIN LOVELL, First Lieutenant, # 0-751168, USAAF


Calvin L. Lyons was born on 31 January 1919 in Henry, Wood Co., Ohio, to Raymond A. Lyons (1893-1970) and Vivien E. (Lovell) Lyons (1896-1978). Siblings included Margaret Grace Lyons (1921-2010), Isabelle M. Lyons (1927-2011), and Roberta E. Lyons (1929-1985). He completed two years of college.