On 7 December 1944, B-29, # 42-6390, “Gallopin’ Goose,” assigned to 20th Air Force, 468th Bomb Group, 794th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Pengshan, China, on a bombing mission of the enemy iron works at Mukden, Manchria. It was last seen at 0210 Zulu over the target. The crew were:

                                     Pilot                             Capt. Roger E. Parrish Jr.                    0-424016     

                                     Co-Pilot                       1stLt Adrian A. Walters                       0-751215        

                                     Navigator                    1stLt Robert H. Roseland                     0-811388        

                                     Bombardier                  1stLt Patrick E. Collins                       0-690371      

                                     Engineer                      F/O Warren M. Barbour                       T-192916       

                                     Radar                           Sgt Joseph M. Clarke                           32429705       

                                     Radio                           SSgt John Lopez                                  37341146        

                                     Senior Gunner             SSgt Fred J. MacIsaac                          31307563       

                                     Left Gunner                 SSgt Joseph A. Moorhead Jr.               35561375       

                                     Right Gunner               SSgt Robert J. Turner                          35092810      

                                     Tail Gunner                 SSgt Arnold G. Pope                            18188996       


Enemy fighter collided with B-29, 42-6390, over the target. A number of parachutes were seen as aircraft crashed.

Next-of-kin were listed as:

                                               Parrish             Mr Roger E Parrish, F, 415 Neely St, Jackson, TN

                                               Collins             Mrs Mary Collins, M, 20 Durham St, Lawrence, Mass.

                                               Roseland          Mrs Elizabeth D Roseland, W, 2000 N 13th St, Milwaukee, Wisc.

                                               Walters            Mrs Lola J Walters, W, 51 S. 1st, East Rexburg, Idaho

                                               Barbour           Mrs Anna Barbour, W, 3500 Sheffield St, Philadelphia, PA

                                               Lopez              Bessie Lopez, M, 2554 W 10th St, Denver, CO

                                               MacIsaac         Mrs Blanche MacIsaac, M, 1292 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, Mass.

                                               Moorhead        Mrs Flora McGill, M, 808 Park Ave, Rockford, IL

                                               Pope                Mrs Helen S. Pope, W, 1695 Pierce St, Beaumont, TX

                                               Turner             Mrs Esther Kelley, M, 3127 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN

                                               Clarke              Mrs Winifred Clarke, M, 13862 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY

2ndLt Leonard J. O’Dell reported that departure from Liuchow was at about 0745 Z, 30 October 1944. Four B-29s in first flight and five in second. He was on B-29, fourth, in second flight. 40-50 miles east of Luliang. He saw Lt. Policarne, element leader, do a wingover and go down. He straightened his B-29 and climbed through the overcast. After exiting overcast, two B-29s joined him in formation. He believed these were Lt. Newsome and Lt. Lawman. All were running low on fuel and decided to try for Kunming. 

They could not get through the overcast and ran out of fuel. The crew bailed out. SSgt. William Wooten, a gunner in another B-29, reported: The enemy fighter came at them and Wooten fired at it at about 400 yards. The fighter’s right engine started smoking and burning.