1stLt Boggs reported: He was leading the second element of Capt. Webb’s flight. He made his bombing run behind 2ndLt Korotkin and it appeared that 2ndLt Korotkin made a successful run. Afterwards, he could not locate 2ndLt Korotkin but there was very dense smoke, haze and dust. Most of the fighters did not rejoin as they had approached because of the conditions. He did not know 2ndLt Korotkin was missing until he reached the staging area.


A subsequent interview revealed 2ndLt Korotkin bailed out about five miles north of the target. He was captured and imprisoned in a POW prisons at Moulmein and Rangoon (the old British prison). He was liberated about 1 May 1945.


Louis Kotokin was born 5 June 1919 in Manhattan, New York. He enlisted in the USAAF on 25 April 1942. He married Angelina Sanicola on 10 June 1943 in Chandler, Arizona. He completed flight school and earned his commission and fighter pilot wings. He was recorded as a Jewish serviceman 28 May 1946 when a 1stLt, age 27, by his wife, Angelina J. Korotkin, 9729 91st St., Ozone Park, New York City, New York. He died, a U.S. Air Force Major, on 18 September 1952, and was in the Korean War. He was last stationed at Headquarters AMC, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Purple Heart. He was buried on 25 September 1952 in the Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Section O, Site 330, Brooklyn, New York.

42-66985              P38


CAMPBELL, ROBERT W., Second Lieutenant, # 0-748906, USAAF


On 29 April 1944, a flight of P-38H Lightning fighters of the 51st Fighter Group, 449th Fighter Squadron, departed Suichwan, China, on a combat mission escorting B-25s on a mission to Yangtze, ten miles East of Szihhweiya. Weather was reported as four miles visibility with some haze. The missing P38H fighter was last seen at 1105 hours two miles West of Tienshu on Kiukiang Nunchang railroad. It was shot down by enemy aircraft. The pilot of the P-38H-5-10 was 2ndLt Robert W. Campbell, 0-748906. The fighter was last seen by 1stLt Billie M. Beardsley, 0-733788. 1stLt Beardsley saw a parachute.


1stLt Beardsley reported: He overtook the P-38 ahead of him and saw that his left engine was feathered. He radioed him and directed him to fly west, out of enemy territory. He replied he could not climb over the mountains to the west. We circled the mountain while following the Kiukiang and Nunchang railroad. Campbell turned to a heading of 240º and about 2 minutes later his right engine started cutting out. He controlled his descent until at 800 feet altitude the aircraft rolled over onto its back. He bailed out. The fighter crashed and exploded. Campbell landed in trees on the side of a hill with the parachute hung in trees. Beardsley could not see him. The spot was about 2 miles south of Tienchu.