Capt. Glenn reported: After attacking the railroad yards and a steamer at Sagaing, he turned to return to base as lead. About 15 miles west of the target, he saw three locomotives and six box cars and descended to strafe. Lt. Distelzweig was in the # 4 position. He saw Distelzweig strafing and came off the targets at 45º. Both engines were running okay but a sectionof theforizontal stabilizer between the booms was missing. It climbed to about 600 feet, rolled over and crashed. He saw no attempt to bail out.


DISTELZWEIG, FRED S., Second Lieutenant, # 0-746060, USAAF


Fred S. Distelzweig was born on 19 January 1922 in Ohio to Frank Frederick Distelzweig (1889-1967) and Victoria Mary “Dora” Distelzweig (1892-1967). Sibings include Frank Frederick Distelzweig Jr. (1920-1979), Mildred Catherine Distelzweig (1924-1988), JoAnn Barbara Distelzweig (1925-2000) and Paul John Distelzweig (1927-1984). He attended Aquinas High School in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, and graduated in 1939.


He enlisted in the USAAF on 31 March 1942 (enlisted service # 15125166) at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio. He completed flight school as a fighter pilot and earned his commission and pilot wings. On 9 April 1944, a P-38H-5-10, assigned to the 459th Fighter Squadron, departed the 10th Air Force air field at Chittagong Burma, on a bombing and strafing mission at Sagaing, Burma. The P-38 was strafing and climbed from a target pass with the center section of the stabilizer and elevator missing. It slow rolled, crashed and exploded about 10 miles west of Kaunghmudaw, Burma. His remains were never recovered. A memorial marker was placed in Arlington National Cemetery. He was awarded the Purple Heart.


His brother, Frank F. Distelzweig Jr., born 3 November 1920, enlisted 19 October 1942 and was honorably separated 15 November 1945.

Frank Distelzweig

Fred Distelzweig