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BUTCHER, GRANT L., Technical Sergeant, # 19055617, USAAF


Grant L. Butcher was born in 18 August 1921 in Washington to John S. Butcher (1892-1927) and Gratia Mae (McGregor) Butcher (married 5 September 1918 in Fort Lawton, WA) (later Strom – married 4 March 1930) (1897-1962). He had a sister, Bertha G. (Butcher) Messmer (1920-2006) and several half siblings. His wife was Corinne Joy (Edman) Grouten nee Butcher (1922-2014) and is buried alongside him at Arlington. His father was one of twelve children born to Wiiliam H. Butcher (1861-1936) and Lena Estelle (Oppelt) Butcher (1868-1957). Gratia M. Butcher, the widow of John S., inherited four tracts of land from him, first deeded to him in 1920. John S. Butcher was born 15 Apr 1892 and died 14 Sep 1927; buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Seattle, WA. Gratia Mae’s father was Peter G McGregor (1865-    ), locomotive engineer, Bertha “Bertie” (Reed) McGregor (1870-    ), Grant McGregor (1898-    ), Gratia McGregor (1896-    ) (19 May 1896).


On 23 January 1944, B-24J, # 42-73067 (“Rangoon Rosie”), departed Madhaigunj, India, on a bombing mission to Mergui, Malayan Peninsula. It was assigned to the 10th Air Force, 7th Bomb Group, 436th Bomb Squadron. He was the engineer, responsible for all the mechanical and electrical; systems on the B-24J. It was seen to crash at about 1610 hours at 12º30’ North - 95º 30’ East, in Malaya, shot down by enemy aircraft. It was noted to be a battle casualty. Its crew were killed in action, except TSgt Grant L. Butcher, who was wounded and captured by the Japanese. A Graves Registration team recovered remains from where crew was buried. Unable to distinguish the remains, they were buried in a single casket group burial in Arlington National Cemetery. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the POW medal, and the Purple Heart. He died in Spokane, Washington, on 26 December 1981 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery