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42-73304         B24 


On 14 November 1943, B-24J, 42-73304, assigned to the 7th Bomb Group, 493rd Bomb Squadron, departed India, on a bombing mission with six other B-24J bombers, to Pokokku, Burma. After the bombs were dropped, about 15-20 enemy fighters engaged them. Some were shot down and the remainder returned to their bases in India. The crew of 42-73304 was comprised of:


Crew Position  Rank/Name                                                    Next-of-kin

Pilot                 1stLt George H. Kimball                                 Mr Hubert G. Kimball, father

                                                                                                 411 So. Walnut St.

                                                                                                 Hartford City, Indiana

Co-Pilot           F/O George R. Johnson                                  Mrs. Rachel Johnson, mother

                                                                                                38 No. 12th St.

                                                                                                Saint Charles, Illinois

Navigator        2ndLt Hyman Leibowitz                                 Mrs. Anne S. Leibowitz, wife

                                                                                                212 Van Buren St.

                                                                                                Brooklyn, NY

Bombardier      2ndLt Albert Walker Jr.                                 Mr. Albert W. Walker, father

                                                                                                No. Montgomery

                                                                                                Starkville, Mississippi

Engineer          TSgt Grady H. Farley                                    Mr. Grady H/N Farley, father

                                                                                               RFD # 3, Russellville, Alabama

Radio Operator TSgt Ernest S. Quick                                    Mr. Ernest Quick, father

                                                                                                1806 Kipling, Houston, TX

Asst. Eng.        SSgt Quintin D. Cory                                     Mrs. Avis D. Cory, wife

                                                                                                122 So. Chelan St, Apt 7

                                                                                                Wenatchee, WA

Asst Radio-Op SSgt Carl A. Speck                                        Mrs. Birdie L. Speck, mother

                                                                                                RFD # 1, Mound Valley, Kansas

Armorer-Gun   SSgt William C. Becker                                 Mrs. Mary Kieth/Rieth, mother

                                                                                                RFD 1, Huntsburg, OH

“                      SSgt Paul B. Callahan                                     Mrs. Lorene   Callahan, mother

                                                                                                Asheville, North Carolina