His brother, Fredrick L. Ingham, served during WW II and beyond. He was born 2 April 1922, in Pennsylvania and enlisted 28 October 1942 (or 15 July 1943) in Camp Edwards, Falmouth, Massachusetts, with one year college and was honorably separated (retired) 31 July 1970. He married Julia Langley Dutton (1925-1998) (respective ages 22 and 19 years) 23 December 1944, in Newark, Delaware (Julia was born 3 Jan. 1925 in Virginia). They had four daughters. He died in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, 2 February 1979.

Thomas & Frederick

Frederick L. Ingham & Julia L. Dutton

Thomas S. Ingham

Julia L. Dutton

Frederick & Julia

Frederick - Home after retiring!

FOLEY, ARTHUR J., JR., Second Lieutenant, # 0-806424, USAAF


Arthur J. Foley, Jr., was born 1918 to Arthur J. Foley (1882-    ), a lawyer, and Mary E (Kenyon) Foley (1884-    ). In 1920, 1925, 1930 and 1940, they lived in Utica, Oneida County, New York. His siblings included Janet R Foley (1911-    ), who by 1940 lived elsewhere.


His residence of record was New York and he enlisted 28 November 1940 in New York City (# 32000175). On 25 November 1943, at about 1300 hours, he was the co-pilot of a B-24J, # 42-73070, assigned to the 7th Bomb Group, Heavy, 493rd Bomb Squadron, departed the 10th Air Force airbase at Pandaveswar, India, on a combat mission to Mingaladon (enemy) air field, Rangoon, Burma. The B-24J was part of a formation bombing Rangoon and about fifteen minutes from the target, they were attacked by enemy fighters. The B-24J lost the #1 engine and fell behind the formation, losing altitude. The bombs were dropped over the target. The B-24J seemed to maintain an altitude of 9,400 feet until south and east of Akyab. It entered a heavy cloud bank and was not seen again. Based upon the area described, it likely went into the Bay of Bengal. He is remembered on the wall of the missing in the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, the Philippines. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal and Purple Heart.