42-73242         B24


On 25 January 1944, a B-24J, # 42-73242, “Haley’s Comet,” on a ferry-combat trip, assigned to the 308th Bomb Group, the 425th Bomb Squadron, departed Chabua, India, at 7:40 a.m., to fly to Kunming, China. The aircraft disappeared while crossing the Himalayas with no radio contact. The crew was comprised of:

                                 Pilot                             Maj. Harry H. Musinski                      0-412688

                                 Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Toney W. Gochnauer                0-749229

                                 Navigator                    2ndLt John B Frazier                           0-682171

                                 Bombardier                  2ndLt George R. Maupin                    0-678542

                                 Radio Operator            TSgt Joseph P. Kurta                           35514251

                                 Engineer                      TSgt Wellington W. Hull                     19077752

                                 Asst. Engineer             SSgt John W. Karns                             33249171

                                 Asst. Radio Op.           SSgt Donah L. Adams                         6955676

                                 Passenger                     1stLt Charles P. Mortimer                   0-1689697

                                 “                                  TSgt Edward W. Higgins                     18057807

                                 “                                  TSgt Jack R. Ferguson                         38137073

                                 “                                  SSgt Robert O. Watson                        39022510

Next-of-kin were listed as: 

Maj. Musinski              9 Ford St, Massachusetts

1stLt Mortimer            Mrs Madge A. Mortimer, mother, 2999 West Grand Blvd, Detroit, Mich.

2ndLt Frazier               Mrs Elizabeth A Frazier, wife, c/o A.V. Robertson, Winnebago, IL

2ndLt Maupin              Mrs Susanne , wife,      Colorado

2ndLt Gochnauer        Mrs   T.    , ister, 3138 North 10th St, Arlington, VA

TSgt Ferguson             Mrs Allie Ferguson, mother, 127 Oak Ave., Sulphur Springs, TN(?)

TSgt Higgins                Mr Walter M Higgins, father, 3528 N. Judson St, Philadelphia, PA

TSgt Kurta                   Mr Joseph S Kurta, father, Berlin Center, Oho

TSgt Hull                     Mr George N Hull, father, Casselton, North Dakota

SSgt Karns                   Mrs Belle Karns, mother, Rural Del # 2, Everett, PA

SSgt Adams                 Mrs Walter F Adams, mother, Rte 1, Lakeview, TX

SSgt Watson                Mrs ?isa B Watson, wife, 5602 Tremont, Dallas, TX

No radio contact. Not found. No search conducted because of no information concerning a possible location of the wreckage. After the war, search parties found the site of the wreckage in Arunachal Pradesh, India.