Eastham          Mrs Mary E Beck, grandmother, Rte 1, Teppenish, WA

                                                      Skaggs             Mr Lawrence C Skaggs, father, P.O. Box 63, Ansted, WV

                                                      Allan                Mr Thomas E Allen, father, Ucon, Idaho

Major Kellogg completed a questionnaire: He and SSgt Kinsey were the only survivors.

Notes from TSgt Kinsey (after honorable discharge): Our plane was hit as we were dropping mines in the harbor of Sattahieb. The plane crashed by the center-most island that forms the habor. The plane was under water when he came out. Mj. Kellogg was already out. They failed to find any other crew members. Information from a doctor at the Sattahieb hospital, he assumed that all of the crew were killed. He was told they had recovered seven of the eight bodies in the ship. The bodies recovered were supposed to be buried in the naval base cemetery at Sattahieb, Siam (Thailand).


TSgt Kinsey’s completed questionnaire: He did not bail out as they were too low. No one else bailed out. The B-24 struck the water ½ mile from the Sattahieb naval base in the Gulf of Siam. Maj. Kellogg and Lt. Gavrity were the pilots; Lt. Newman and Lt. Mino were in the nose; TSgt Thorson and SSgt Kinsey were on the flight deck. SSgt Eastham was in the tail turret. Sgt Allen and TSgt Lazenby were in the waist gun positions.


Kinsey believed SSgt Skaggs, in the nose turret, was killed because he would not have had time to get out. The B-24 sank almost immediately and no-one else but Maj. Kellogg got out. Kinsey believed SSgt Eastham died from a 20 mm shell through his chest according to a doctor at Satahieb. Kinsey was shown his cigarette lighter. Kinsey believed TSgt Lazenby’s body was recovered according to a doctor at Sattahieb. Kinsey believed TSgt Thorson, beside him on the flight deck, was killed. Kinsey believed 1stLt Newman and 1stLt Mino were killed. He was told by the doctor at Sattahieb they had Lt. Mino’s signet ring. Kinsey believed 1stLt Gavrity was hit by flak and killed. The doctor at Sattahieb said his body was recovered.

KELLOGG, DAVID NEEL, Major, # 0-659723, USAAF, (ret. USAF, Colonel, 31 October 1970)


David N. Kellogg was born 9 July 1920 in Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, to Albert Blanchard Kellogg (1887-1970) (Wheaton, IL) and Imogene (Critchfield) Kellogg (Mount Pleasant, PA) (1887-1980). Siblings included Miriam (Kellogg) Fredenthal (1917-2016), Virginia (Kellogg) Kingston (1922-2016), Brandon Hosmer Kellogg (1923-2007), and Cynthia (Kellogg) Wood (1927-1964). His father was a superintendent of schools in 1940. He was married to Julie (Banks) Kellogg (1915-2000) on 3 October 1914 in Manchester, New Hampshire, by Clergyman B.W. Lockhart. At marriage Albert was 27 and Imogene 26, and Albert was a teacher. Of note is that Albert B. Kellogg qualified for membership in the New Hampshire Branch of the Sons of the American Revolution because he descended from Ephraim Kellogg (1740-1819) (a soldier in the Army of the Revolution), Deacon Siles Kellogg (1714-1792, and Ensign Steven Kellogg (1668-1722).