42-73302         B24


On 8 May 1944 a B24J, # 42-73302, assigned to 10th Air Force, 7th Bomb Group, 9th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Pandaveswar, India, on a single aircraft night mine dropping mission in the Gulf of Siam (Thailand). Visibility was 20 to 30 miles. There was no contact by radio and no visual contact by otheraircraft. Major Kellogg was the 9th Bomb Squadron commander. The crew was:

                                   Pilot                             Maj. David N. Kellogg                         0-659723

                                   Co-Pilot                       1stLt Michael W. Gavrity                     0-797666

                                   Navigator                     1stLt Dante (NMI) Mino                      0-802661

                                   Bombardier                  1stLt Marvin L. Newman                     0-670214

                                   Engineer                       TSgt Vernon L. Thorson                       6914408

                                   Radio Operator             TSgt Elbert L. Lazenby                        38210090

                                   Gunner                          SSgt Laurel D. Kinsey                         35364940

                                   “                                    Sgt Grant O. Allen                               19011012

                                   Armorer                        SSgt Clifford L. Eastham                     19017546

                                   “                                    SSgt Philip R. Skaggs                           6988551

                                                           (All enlisted servicemen are also gunners)

It was reported that Maj. Kelogg and SSgt Kinsey survived and returned to the U.S.


Maj. Kellogg reported: At about 1900 hours, after bombing a target in Thailand, the B-24 headed for the ocean to the south, passing between two islands at 200 feet altitude. He flew over a gunboat he did not see until iot was too late and the B-24 was riddled by 20 mm enemy fire. The enemy fire set a wing on fire, shot out two engines and made it necessary to ditch the aircraft instantly in the water near the Sataheib naval base. The crew members did not have sufficient opportunity to take crash positions and some were doubtless killed or seriously injured when the B-24 hit the water. SSgt Kinsey was imprisoned with Maj. Kellogg in Bangkok, Thailand, through 11 June 1945 then were liberated. At the time, Maj. Kellogg was in excellent health and mental condition. Maj. Kellogg never saw the bodies of the crew members listed as killed in action but natives of Thailand told Maj. Kellogg about recovering bodies from the ocean and, based upon descriptions, Maj. Kellogg felt the reports were truthful and that the crew, except SSgt Kinsey, were killed.

The next-of-kin were listed as:

                                                 Kellogg            Albert B. Kellogg, father, RFD 2, Claremont, NH

                                                 Gavrity             Mr Peter Garrity, father, 25 Bailey Place, Staten Island, NY

                                                 Mino                Mrs Mary E Mino, mother, RFD 2, Box 110, Dover, NJ

                                                 Newman          Miss Janet R Newman, sister, 843 Boulevard West, __hawken, NJ

                                                 Thorson           Mr Thomas Thorson, father, Braceville, IL

                                                  Lazenby           Mrs Pearl Lazenby, mother, Rever, AR

                                                  Kinsey             Mrs Wanda M Kinsey, wife, Rte 3, Box 58, La Porte, IN