CHAMBERS, SHELDON L., Flight Officer (First Lieutenant), # T-291, USAAF


Sheldon L. Chambers was born 16 November 1920 in Pennsylvania to Oscar Lincoln Chambers (1895-1975) and Sarah Emma (Rutter) Chambers (1898-1976). Siblings included Verna Christine (Chambers) Swope nee Martin (1917-   ), LeRoy Oscar Chambers (1919-2001), Audrey Lucille (Chambers) Stubblefield (1922-2006), Reginald Denny Chambers (1923-1997), Janet L. (Chambers) Crawford (1927-2007), Robert Elwood Chambers (1930-1979) and two more brothers. In 1950, the family lived at RD # 1 Box 513, Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania.


He enlisted in Pennsylvania on 26 July 1939 and served in the U.S. through 20 June 1943. He was on assignment to 14th Air Force, China, from 21 June 1943 through 25 January 1944, when he died. In 1940 he was stationed at 15th Air Base Squadron, Hickam Field (Hickam AFB), Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1930 the family lived at Logan, Blair County, Pennsylvania. On 25 January 1944, at about 0700 hours, B-24J, # 42-73308, “Hot as Hell,” departed Kunming, China, for Chabua, India, with F/O Chambers as co-pilot. It was assigned to the 308th Bomb Group, the 425th Bomb Squadron. It crashed in India. At 10:45 a.m., the formation of five B-24Ds “was forced to break up due to extreme instrument weather conditions.” All five aircraft crashed; B-24D, # 41-23889, crashed near Jorhat, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Crews parachuted from two and a third, which crashed, had two survivors. The fourth and fifth, “Hot as Hell” and “Haley’s Comet,” disappeared, the crews presumed dead (Tara Copp, Stars & Stripes, 8 Apr 2016). “Hot as Hell” was found eventually. More next page.