DAVIS, DON ZANE, Sergeant, # 17162249, USAAF


Don Z. Davis was born 26 January 1924 in Litchfield, Macon County, Illinois to Don Buell Davis and Jessie (Bishop) Davis. He was married to Dorothy P. (Pulliam) Davis (1928-2001) in July 1946. They had two sons and a daughter. He died 30 October 1987 in Mount Zion, Macon County, Illinois. He enlisted 12 December 1942 at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. On the second mission for this crew, the bomber was shot down. It was belly landed in water, mud, and elephant grass. All ten survived but were captured 28 Nov 1943 and imprisoned in the Rangoon Cantonment for POWs of the Japanese (a former British prison). On 27 April 1945, 60 Japanese guards marched some 300 POWs out of the prison. They left behind 39 POWs to die, including armorer-gunner Sergeant Davis. He survived and was liberated 4 May 1945. After medical care and rehabilitation, he was honorably discharged 26 June 1945.

PERRY, CHARLES WILBURN, Sergeant, # 14156141, USAAF

Charles W. Perry was an assistant engineer and gunner. Insufficient data was available to accurately portray him. Images concerning him are on the next page.