On 20 May 1944, at about 1600 hours, a B-24J, # 42-73317, “Puck” assigned to the 308th Bomb Group, 373rd Bomb Squadron (Heavy), 14th Air Force departed Luichow, China, on a sea sweep combat mission, to land at Yangkai, China. It was speculated that anti-aircraft fire brought it down. Its crew was comprised of:

                                    Pilot                             1stLt Donald G. Richardson                            0-205761

                                    Co-Piot                        1stLt Frank L. Munson                                    0-674610

                                    Navigator                    1stLt James P. Gilbert                                      0-673537

                                    Bombardier                  1stLt Linus J. Austin                                       0-669947 (RTD)

                                    Engineer                      TSgt Harold W. Case                                       36320785

                                    Radio Operator            TSgt Cecil L. Olson                                         19116120 (RTD)

                                    Gunner                         SSgt Arthur (NMI) Regal Jr.                            39530328

                                    Gunner                         Cpl Jordan L. Daley                                         35470127

                                    Gunner                         SSgt Clifford T. Hamilton                                35513381

                                     Gunner                        Cpl Walter S. Polchlopek                                 31083841

                                     Sq. S-2 Officer            1stLt Russell T. Breckenridge                          0-571072


The next-of-kin were listed as:

                             Richardson                  Mrs Twila F. Richardson, wife, 206 Lyell St, Monte Vista, CO

                             Munson                       Mrs Marjorie L. Munson, mother, 50 Congress Ave, Rochester 11, NY

                             Austin                          Mr Jason R. Austin, father, 1225 Rural St Emporia, KS

                            Gilbert                         Mrs Elln Gilbert, mother, 274 Sip Ave, Jersey City, NJ

                            Breckenridge               Mrs Helen H Breckenridge, mother, 7596 Mulholland Hwy, L.A., CA

                            Case                             Mrs Herbert T Case, mother, RR # 7, Rockford, IL

                            Olson                          Mrs Emily W Olson, mother, 424 ½ W. 3rd St, Stillwater, OK

                            Regal                            Mrs. Frances Emma Regal, mother, 3827 Independence Ave, South Gate CA

                            Hamilton                     Mrs Flora V Hamilton, 32588 Caldwell Ave, Avon Lake, OH

                            Daley                           Mr A J Daley, father, 7221 Paddock Rd, Cincinnati, OH

                            Polchlopek                  Mrs Catherine Polchlopek, mother, 132 Jewett St, Lowell, Mass.

The report was annotated “No POW [or] burial information on any of them.”