42-73430         B24      MACR 5156


On 20 May 1944 a B-24J, # 42-73430, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, 373rd Bomb Squadron, Yankai, China, departed the airfield at Luichow, China, on a sea sweep combat mission. It was believed it was lost due to enemy anti-aircraft fire. The crew was:

                                Pilot                             Capt. Martin W. Young                       0-659787

                                Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Everett K. Geer Jr.                    0-687690

                                2nd Co-Pilot                 2ndLt Yeh Chao Wang                       Chinese A.F.

                                Bombardier                  Capt. Glen G. Thompson                    0-728522

                                Navigator                    Capt. Marvin J. Silvershatz                  0-791639

                                Radio Operator            TSgt Jeno G.A. Proulz                         12096156

                                Crew Chief                  TSgt Alfred J. Conlon                          33221455

                                Asst Engineer              SSgt Frank R. Gaetano                        12096313

                                Asst Radio Op.            SSgt James E. Hoffman                       33193703

                                Gunner                        SSgt John A, Coughlin                         33373165

                                Gunner                        SSgt Sydney H. McPherson                  32514960

                                   (All enlisted men served dually as gunners)

The next-of-kin listed were:

                             Conlon             Margaret J. Conlon, W, 2618 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA

                             Proulz              Arthur Proulz, F, 2236 Wilson Ave., Montreal, Canada

                             Gaetano           Christine Gaetano, M, 625 James St., Utica, NY

                             Hoffman          1344 Potomac Ave., Washington, D.C.

                             Coughlin          Helen Coughlin, M, 92 Market St., Annapolis, MD

                             McPherson      William McPherson, F, 148 Ridgewood Ave., Brooklyn, NY

                             Young              Adeline S. Young, M, 1614 N. Central Ave., Chicago, IL

                             Geer                Dr. Everett K. Geer, F, 1050 Lombard Ave., St. Paul, Minn.

                             Thompson       Maureen O. Thompson, W, 6527 Leland Way, Hollywood, CA

                             Silvershatz       Rebecca F. Silvershatz, M, 110 30th Ave. North, Nashville, TN