WEAVER, BLAINE BROWN, Staff Sergeant, # 15114647, USAAF


Blaine B. Weaver was born on 2 February 1923 in Kentucky to Jackson Woodford Weaver (1891-1949) and Oleta Mae (Frymier) Weaver (1894-1964) (married 24 January 1917, Gilmer, WVA). Siblings were Vadis Norma (Weaver) Gallaher (1918-1984), James Arthur Weaver (1920-1971), Charles Rondol Weaver (1924-1992), Blake Andrew Weaver (1926-2002), Clem Morris Weaver (1929-2019).


He enlisted in the USAAF at Fort Thomas, Newport, Kentucky, on 22 May 1942. After enlisting in the USAAF, he was trained to maintain and monitor the mechanical systems (engineer/crew chief) on the B-24 Liberator. He earned his crewman wings. He was sent overseas to India. On 8 May 1945 a B-24J, # 42-73436, assigned to 14th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group, Dergaon, India, departed the airfield at Dergaon on a flight to Chengtu, China, through the Himalayan mountain range (the Hump). Last contact was by radio at abot 1050 Zulu near Paoshan, China. Wreckage of the B-24 crashed and exploded when it fell into a river. The bodies of the navigator and radio operator were recovered and buried about ½ mile southeast of Pawngen, Burma at 25° 47’ North & 98° 12’ East (military map coordinates NY9803). After recovery of remains from the crash site, which were indistinguishable and included two remains which were unidentifiable, the remains of Ward, Ferguson, Landstreet and Weaver, were buried in a group funeral ceremony in the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, on 15 March 1950 (Sec.34, Grave 4870).


His brother, Blake A. Weaver, born 29 September 1926, served in the U.S. Navy, Seaman 2nd Class, from 1 February 1945 to 6 December 1945. He died 17 July 2002 and is buried in the Coolville Cemetery, Coolville, Athens Co., Ohio.



William G. Ferguson was born on 29 March 1924 in Erie, Pennsylvania, to William Ferguson (1894-    ) and Mabel (Ruggles) Ferguson (1898-1978). Sibling was Elaine M. (Ferguson) Senger (1916-2008).


He registered for the WWII draft in 1942, employed by Arthur F. Schultz, resided at 937 W. 25th St., Erie, PA, and described himself as 5’7”, 135 lbs, with brown hair and eyes.