He enlisted on 26 August 1942 in Los Angeles, CA. He entered flight school and earned his commission and pilot wings on 29 July 1943. On 15 February 1944, an A36-A-1 of the 311th Fighter-Bomber Group, 528th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, departed the 10thAir Force air base at Sookerating, India, on a combat mission to bomb and strafe the enemy at Kaimaing, Burma, suffered engine damage from enemy fire about 20 miles west of Taro near the Chindwin River 2 miles east of the river and about 2.25 miles NE of Nhgbau Ga village. A report says a knee was broken. He was soon captured and imprisoned in Rangoon, Burma.Promotion to (brevet) First Lieutenant came 13 June 1945 and Captain, 13 June 1947. He was permanently promoted to First Lieutenant 10 October 1947 with date of rank of 29 July 1946 (accepted 7 November 1947).


His father, born 24 August 1892, served in the U.S. Army during WWI from 13 August 1917 to 19 April 1919. He died 16 April 1974.

 42-100693       C47


On 28 February 1944, a C-47A, # 42-100693, of the 315th Troop Carrier Squadron, 10th Air Force, departed the air base at Sookerating, India, on a food dropping mission to allied troops at Laawng, Burma. The aircraft was last contacted by radio and was down for unknown reasons. The crew was comprised of:


                                 Pilot                             2ndLt Thaddeus J. Worley                               0-681273  KIA

                                 Co-Pilot                       2ndLt James R. SirLouis                                  0-806534  KIA

                                 Navigator                    2ndLt George E. Anderson                               0-811504  KIA

                                 Engineer                      SSgt Ray A. Scott                                             31975669 KIA

                                 Radio Operator            Cpl George Kleiner                                          32444302 KIA

                                 Food Drop                   Sgt Ernest D. Barnes                                        33204837 EUS

                                 Food Drop                   Sgt Harlin B. Flanagan                                     35439714 “

                                 Food Drop                   PFC William R. Guffey                                    34255573 KIA


The last person to contact them: 2ndLt Harmon L. Schilling, 0-745947. A search flown by Capt. John H. Blomstrand, 0-659091, resulted in wreckage identified and a search party was sent. “EUS” is for “Evacuated to United States.”

A document adds:

443rd Troop Carrier Group:

1stLt Charles B. Bierboum, 0-540131, missing 18 August 1944, 27th Troop Carrier Squadron.

2ndLt George E. Anderson, 0-811504, missing 18 February 1944, 315th Troop Carrier Squadron.