On 16 October 1943, at about 1645 hours, an A-36-A1, # 42-84154, (fighter-bomber version of the P-51 Mustang), assigned to the 511th Fighter-Bomber Group, 529th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, departed Dinjan, India, to 16,000 feet altitude on a mission with several other A-36-A1s, to Sumprabaum, Burma. There is no casualty statement from 2ndLt Bowman. He was captured and imprisoned by the Japanese as a POW in the Rangoon Cantonment (former British prison). He survived captivity and was liberated in May 1945. He died 10 January 2012 in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, California.

42-84030       A36


In the flight elements mentioned regarding Lieutenant Colonel Lutz, and Second Lieutenant Bowman, both flying the A-36-A1 (P-51) fighter-bomber, another pilot missing in action on that mission was 2ndLt Christopher W. Morgan, 0-799618, flying A-36-A1, # 42-84030. Please read the statements and narrative report in the Lt.Col. Lutz page to see more in-depth facts.


MORGAN, CHRISTOPHER WARREN, JR, Second Lieutenant, # 0-799618, USAAF


Christopher W. Morgan, Jr., was born 3 September 1923 in Bronx, New York, to Christopher W. Warren (1885-    ) and Althea (Bain) Morgan (1892-1978). He had a sister, Leah Althea (Morgan) Peterson (1914-1994). His father was an automobile machinist in 1920 and was in the New York National Guard, 12th Regiment, Company G, between 1 November 1909 through 31 July 1920 when he accepted different government employment in the New York Police Department(1925 census & National Guard record).


He enlisted in USAAF in New York City on 24 Mar 1942 and completed pilot training to fly a fighter (the P-51 Mustang). After he survived his A-36-A1 crash in Burma, he was captured by the Japanese and imprisoned in the Rangoon Cantonment (former British prison). He survived and was liberated in May 1945.