On 9 December 1944, a C-47A, # 42-93365, assigned to 10th Air Force, 3rd Combat Cargo Group, 9th Combat Cargo Squadron, Moran, India, departed the airfield at Warazup, Burma, on an air supply mission over target 283, Burma (drop supplies to ground troops). The C-47A was seen to crash at about 0950 hours near 23º 57’ North & 97º 26’ East. All aboard were killed. 1stLt Smith reported: At about 0830, 9 December 1944, he was briefed with the pilos of # 42-93365 and 42-93360 for a target at the above cited location. At about 0850, they departed at about 2-minute intervals. Upon arrival at the target drop site, one C-47 was circling and another was down and burning. Radio contact revealed the C-47 still aloft was 42-93360. There were no signs of life near the downed C-47. He is remembered on the memorial wall at the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial, Philippines. A memorial marker was placed in the Conrad Memorial Cemetery, Kalispell, Montana. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Medal, and the Purple Heart. Five of the brothers served in WW II.


His brother, Phillip J. Osler, born, 25 August 1914, served in the U.S. Army from 6 May 1941 to 31 May 1945. He died 26 March 1993 and is buried in the Tobacco Valley Cemetery, Eureka, Montana.


His brother Dale D. Osler, born 12 June 1918, served during WW II, a Private First Class, and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. He died 7 December 2008 and is buried in the Tobacco Valley Cemetery, Eureka, Montana.


His brother, Gerald R. Osler, born 25 December 1920, enlisted and served during WW II, 32 months in North Africa, and again starting 25 December 1955. He died on 20 April 2008 and was cremated.


His brother, Wylie J. Osler, born 8 October 1923, served during WW II. He died on 8 October 2012 and is buried in the Tobacco Valley Cemetery, Eureka, Montana.


His brother, Ervin L. Osler, born 17 September 1926, was serving in the U.S. Navy (Reserves) on 19 September 1944. In 1945, on active duty, he was aboard the U.S.S. Lofberg (DD-759), a Seaman 2nd Class, # 5549175. In January 1946, he served aboard the U.S.S. LCS (L) 16, as a Seaman 2nd Class. mid-1946, he served on the U.S.S. L.C.I. (G) 726, a Seaman 2nd Class. The U.S.S. Lofberg was a Sumner-class destroyer first assigned to occupation duty in Japan then made runs between Okinawa and Shanghai, China. The LCL (L- Large) 16 was a landing craft support ship. The L.C.I. was a landing craft infantry (Large).

U.S.S. Lofberg