PILCHARD, ROBERT MERWIN, Captain, # 0-1699497, USAAF


Robert M. Pilchard was born on 5 February 1920 in Illinois to Edwin Ivan Pilchard (1891-1956) and Rose Anne (Little) Pilchard (1892-1998). Siblings included Helen Virginia (Pilchard) Nagel (1918-2006), Betty Jane (Pilchard) Yapp (1921-2001), Edwin I. Pilchard Jr. (1926-    ) and Patricia A. Pilchard (1930-    ). He was married to Mildred May (Thompson) Pilchard (1915-1969), whom in 1943 lived at 5th St., Salina, Saline Co., Kansas. He attended Urbana High School (Senior – wrestler) and the University of Illinois, Urbana – clarinet – 1st Regimental Band.


He was inducted as a commissioned officer from another service (see below) when the U.S. entered WW II. He was a trained military pilot and was provided advanced training for the B-29 Superfor-tress. He was sent overseas to 20th Air Force, India, and sent to an advance base in China. On 15 June 1944, B-29 # 42-93826, assigned to 20th Air Force, 468th Bomb Group, 793rd Bomb Squadron, departed the USAAF airfield at Pengshan, China, on a combat mission and crashed. The crew was killed. The remains were indistinguishable fron one another and thus the Quartermaster Command decided upon a group burial. Those listed included Pilchard, Quirke, Roberts, Sharples, Sturges, Bevan, Escher, Ferracane, Grimes, Mortimer, Myers, and Pfeiffer.There was a group burial of the remains of the crew on 1 February 1950 in the Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Lincoln Co., NE (Sec. R, Grave 43).

Capt. Robert M. Pilchard