On 21 March 1945, the 1337th AAF Base Unit reported that the unit had received a radiogram from Peoshan stating that the body of F/O John P. Olsen was found at Maliping. Peoshan was instructed to bury F/O Olsen temporarily at Maliping and his personal effects were to be sent to the 1337th AAF BU ASAP. On 7 April 1945, the 1337th AAF BU reported that the remains of F/O Olsen, 1stLt Martin were located and buried in temporary graves at the airfield at Wamati (map coord. 26º 06’ North & 98º 54’ East) by Missionary Peterson. Mr. Guy C. Martin of Martelle, Iowa, wrote the Washington, D.C. Casualty Affairs office asking for further information about his son, 1stLt Martin, and the accident which took his life. The 1337th AAF BU replied to Washington, D.C., that Base Commander Lt.Col. Cassady sent two letters to Mr. Martin about the accident. The Base Chaplain sent a letter as well. His remains were buried in the Saint Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Taylor, Texas.