42-96815         C46


On 5 December 1944, a Curtiss C-46D-1GK Commando, # 42-96815, assigned to the Combat Cargo task Force,4th Combat Cargo Group, 13th Combat Cargo Squadron, Sylhet, India, departed the airfield at Myitkyina, Burma, on a cargo mission to the airfield at Sookerating, India. Last radio contact was at 1200Z when it was in or near the Pangshu Pass. The crew, all killed in action, were:


                                                Pilot                             1stLt Franklin M. Garrett                    0-711179

                                                Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Paul M. Harold                          0-710930

                                                Radio Operator            SSgt Clyde H. Bain                              35652115

                                                Engineer                      SSgt Bennie H. Walden                        14140075


Last to contact it was SSgt Vincent Michetti, 12185993, and last to sight it was 1stLt Kenneth E. Ely, 0-735371. 1stLt Ely reported that he was pilot of # 42-101189, which departed Myitkyina, Burma, at 1015Z, 5 Dec. 1944, two minutes behind 42-96815. He landed at Sookerating at 1125Z. The other C-46 was in sight most of the flight. When they reached Pangshu Pass, it was about 1050Z. He was about 5 miles right of course at about 8,500’. The other C-46 was on course and slightly ahead. After flying over the pass, he flew into overhead and lost sight of the other C-46. He had no more contact with Garrett. The C-46 crashed in the Pangsau Pass, India.


The next-of-kin listed were:


                                              Harold             George L. Harold, F, Harrisville, W.VA.

                                              Garrett             Zoaland W Garrett, F, 1290 Marcy St, Akron, OH

                                              Bain                 James W Bain, B, Oak Hill, W.VA.

                                              Walden            Bennie P. Walden, F, 48 Longview St, Carrollton, GA

C-46 flying over the Hump