43-15699         C47 (MACR 14695)


On 27 June 1945, a C-47A, # 43-15699, assigned to 10th Air Force, 2nd Air Commando Group, 317th Troop Carrier Squadron, Ledo, India, departed the airfield at Lashio, Burma, on an operational flight in the combat area to Myitkyina North, Burma. Its last known location at 1250 hours was about 23º 35’ North & 97º 25’ East. On board were:


                                         Pilot                             2ndLt Herbert H. Gumble                     0-779056

                                         Co-Pilot                       F/O Harold E. Moore                            T-64708

                                         Engineer                      Sgt Edward S. Jaskiewicz                     13045097

                                         Radio Operator            SSgt Henry Bittlingmeyer                    12084366

                                         Passenger                     PFC Frederick S. Burns                       13143464 (12th Combat Cargo Squadron)

                                         “                                  1stSgt Wong DeMing                            10th Chinese Post office


The last to see the C-47A was Capt. Charles L. Sacks, 0-1695837. The last radio contact was with LCpl Willard Collins, 3673926. The last radio message from the C-47A was: “On course at 23º 35’ N, 97º 25’ E.”

The next-of-kin listed were:


                                       Gumble           Edwin C. Gumble, F, Rte 1, Fort Atkinson, Wisc.

                                       Moore              Carrie L. Geiger, GM, 584 Osage St, Spartanburg, SC

                                       Bittlingmeyer   Henry Bittlingmeyer, F, 1874 Palmetto St, Ridgewood, NY

                                       Jaskiewicz        Anna S. Jaskiewicz, M, 4338 Salmon St, Philadelphia, PA

                                       Burns               Lois S. Burns, M, 74 Carlton Ave, Fort Washington, Long Island, NY