ROBERTS, JOHN H., Second Lieutenant, # 0-748798, USAAF


John H. Roberts was born in 1920 in Ohio to Leonard R. Roberts and Bess E. (Genheimer) Roberts (1891-1987). In 1920, extended families were living together in Lakewood, OH: Walter Henry Frederick (originally Friedrich) (1877-1955) (W.VA.) (music teacher), Catherine Emma (Gonder) Frederick (1881-1958) (OH) (Walter’s wife), Catherine Elizabeth Frederick (1918-1948), Walter’s brother-in-law, John H. Genheimer (below), Hattie Genheimer (sister of Walter H. Frederick) (1873-    ), Rhoda Genheimer (below) (niece of Walter H. Frederick), Beatrice A. Genheimer (below) (niece of Walter H. Frederick), Anna Roberts (below) (niece of Walter H. Frederick),  Doris A. Roberts (below) (niece of Walter H. Frederick), John H. Roberts (below) (nephew of Walter H. Frederick), Ann H. Roberts (below) (niece of Walter H. Frederick), Arthur F. Gonder (1870-    ) (brother-in-law of Walter H. Frederick) (attorney), Elizabeth Gonder (1868-1951) (sister-in-law of Walter H. Frederick). In 1930, their families were living together in Bay Village, Cuyahoga Co., OH: John H. Genheimer (1869-1958) (OH), Anna “Annie” M. Genheimer (1873-1962), Bess E. (Genheimer) Roberts (1891-1987), Doris A. Roberts (1915-1982) (W.VA.) (daughter of Bess; granddaughter of John H. Genheimer), Anne Lillian (Roberts) Jacob (1918-1989) (W.VA.)(daughter of Bess; granddaughter of John H. Genheimer), John H. Roberts (1920-1944) (son of Bess; grandson of John H. Genheimer), Rhoda K. Genheimer (1895-    ), Beatrice I. Genheimer (1901-2002). In 1940, he was living with his mother and sister Anne in Lakewood, OH. He was working as a drug store sales clerk. On 27 September 1940, he married Betty J. Hoffman, born 1919. His address was 1381 Ethel Ave., Lakewood, OH, and hers was 16616 Valley View Ave., Indianapolis, IN. He was a salesman and she a dental assistant. Her parents were August Hoffman and Pearl (Hudson) Hoffman. The marriage was performed by Rev. Theodore C. Mayer, Rocky River, OH. In 1943, his wife was living at 1414 Grace Ave, Lakewood, Ohio.


He enlisted in the USAAF in Cleveland, OH, on 14 April 1942. He was trane as a transport plot and earned his commission and wings. He was multi-engine rated. He was sent overseas to 10th Air Force in India. On 22 June 1944, at 1326 hours, a C-47A, # 43-15795, assigned to 10th Air Force, 3rd Combat Cargo Group, 11th Combat Cargo Squadron, departed the airfield at Dinjan, India, to Myitkyina, Burma, on an air supply mission. It was shot down by enemy aircraft, crashed and burned, killing most of the crew. The radio operator survived. Cpl. Heuss, at the 69th Evacuation Hospital, Ledo, India, reported: The C-47 crashed in the jungle. He was thrown clear and suffered a broken leg and other injuries. An officer was thrown clear and died of a broken neck. While in flight before the crash, two other officers were shot while trying to throw some cargo out of the C-47 to make it lighter. The other officer burned to death when the C-47 burned. His remains were buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Hawaii (Sec. P, Grave 817). He was awarded the Purple Heart.

GLASCO, DON NIXON, Second Lieutenant, # 0-768513, USAAF


Don N. Glasco was born on 16 February 1922 near the Mississippi River in Ramsey, Anoka Co., Minnesota, to Cecil Willard Glasco (1891-1956) and Marguerite (Phelps) Glasco (1894-1967) (married 1 November 1913 in Webster, Iowa). Siblings included Richard Phelps Glasco (1914-1981) and Stewart Buckingham Glasco (1917-1921). He married Betty J. Hubert on 16 June 1942 in California and had a daughter. His paternal grandmother, Vannie J. Glasco, lived in Moline, IL. The 1943 Long Beach, CA, directory shows their home address as 2120 Earl Ave. The 1943 next-of-kin list shows 212 N. Park St., Fairmont, Minnesota.