PERKINS, FRANK HENRY, Second Lieutenant, # 0-713877, USAAF


Frank H. Perkins was born on 5 October 1922 in Louisville, Kentucky, to Dee B. Perkins (1886-1984) and Henrietta Margaretta “Etta” (Lang) Perkins (1887-1958). Siblings included Margaret Lee (Perkins) Boehl (1910-1992), Dorothy Lang (Perkins) Banks (1916-1971), and Marion (Perkins) Stoffel (1918-1984). His father was a grocer in 1930 and a grocer & dairyman in 1940 in Louisville, KY.


After enlisting, he completed flight schools through advanced school and was multi-engine rated. He earned his commission and pilot wings. He was sent overseas to India. On 8 November 1944, a C47A, # 43-15864 assigned to 10th Air Force, 1st Combat Cargo Group, 3rd Combat Cargon Squadron, departed the airfield at Tulihal, India, on an operational mission to Drop Zone YN in [Burma] and was last reported to be near Yazagyo, Burma. A ground search by the unit (25th East Afrisian Brigade) to whom supplies were to be dropped found no trace of the C-47A. According to the Aviation Safety Network database places the crash near Paoshan, China. The recovered remains were first buried (as a group) in one grave at the airfield cemetery, Barrackpore, India. Due to the inability to distinguish remains, the crew remains were buried in a common (Ingram, Perkins, Carpenter & McLaughln) grave in the Richmond National Cemetery on 6 May 1949 (Sec. 2-C, Grave 7171), Richmond, Virginia. A memorial marker was placed in the Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky (Sec. 11, Lot 197, Site 8).