On 19 September 1946, the Graves Registration Service, wrote to Headquarters and said that the remains buried in Plot 1, Row D, Grave 31, at the America military cemetery, Barrackpore, India, were examined by Capt. W.C. Hilderman, Medical Officer. The remains placed in 21 separate rubber bags were examined separately. Tooth charts were possible to accomplish and a list of bones in each bag was provided. The remains buried in bags 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 20 could be buried as individuals. The remains of the following nine men were identified by the Air Search and Rescue party from the 1352nd AAF Base Unit:


            1stLt V.H. Huelswitz               0-889427

            Sgt Herbert Arnett                   34017854        passenger

            T/5 James A. Chapman           34388106        “

            Sgt Riley Visor                        34180610

            T/5 K.P. Peterson                     34097558        passenger

            Sgt John Blackston                  32187735        “

            1stLt Allen G. Shreve              0-1593845       “

            T/5 Willie Henderson              34170822        “

            T/5 Stewart W. Vincent           36812361


The remains buried in bags 4, 6, and 11 through 19 cannot be separated as individuals without the assistance of the anticipated scientific teams. On 16 October 1946, a Graves Registration cable to the Quartermaster Headquarters said that the bodies could not be seperated and they awaited a scientific team.

KARNES, ROBERT LEONARD, Second Lieutenant, # 0-815159, USAAF


Robert L. Karnes was born in 1918 in Koshonong, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin, to Leonard George Karnes (1891-1965) (OH) and Mary M. (Nass) Karnes (1894-1977) (WISC.). Siblings included Donald George Karnes (1919-2014) and Walter E. Karnes (1921-2008). His father was a newspaper pressman in 1920. He was married to Eva Lois (Moore) Karnes (1917-2007) on 3 May 1942 in Illinois. In 1930, he, Donald and Walter lived with maternal grandparents, Fredrich Nass (1858-1930) and Magdelena Barbara (Rappold) Nass (1860-1946) and his uncle Elmer Lawrence Norberg (1900-1971), maternal aunt, Rose Anna (Nass) Norberg (1889-1991) and cousin Raymond Buchholz (1919-    ) in Whitewater, Wisconsin. In 1940 the three Karnes boys were living with grandmother Magdalena B. Nass and maternal aunt Martha Caroline (Nass) Klein (1895-1986).