43-16195                   C-47 (MACR 14685)


On 23 June 1945, a C-47B, # 43-16195, assigned to Air Transport Command, 1st Air Commando Group, 319th Troop Carrier Squadron, Warazup, Burma, departed the airfield at North Myitkyina, Burma, on a troop carrier mission to the airfield at Ledo, Assam, India. Last contact was by radio with Cpl. Norval G. Turner, 39205418. The C-47B was forced down and crashed at 0840 hours at North Myitkyina, Burma.


Those on board, including the crew, were:


                                    Pilot                             2ndLt Robert L. Karnes                       0-815159

                                    Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Clyde E. Slick Jr.                       0-778980

                                    Radio Operator            Cpl Donald L. Merrill                          37467476

                                    Crew Chief                  Cpl Joseph G. Speroni                         42024921

All of 3303 Quartermaster Truck Company (served as air supply droppers – “kickers” – with 1st Air Comando):

1stLt Allen G. Shreve              0-1593845

PFC Henry Applin                   34326306

SSgt Herbert Arnett                 34107856

Sgt John Blackston                  32197735

T/5 Sam N. Brown                  34386963

T/5 James A. Chapman           34388106

1stSgt Eugene Cofield             32186196

T/5 Fred Combs                      35130743

Pvt Willie Ellis                         34414751

PFC Tommie Gibbs                38234557

T/5 Willie Henderson              34170822

Pvt John C. Johnson                36167975

T/5 Edwin L. Larson             

T/5 Ernest J. McDonald         38059756

T/5 Isadore Meade                  32187688

T/5 Curlie H. Mitchell            32137662

T/5 John C. Perry                    34414204

T/5 K. P. Peterson                  34097558

Pvt Patrick H. Correll              33850467

T/5 Charlie Tennyson             36129534

Cpl Gabriel Tindel                   34098999

Hand written below typed list: Huelsmitz, Larson, Vincent.

An officer of the 36th Quartermaster Battalion said he saw 4 or 5 other passengers. He thought they were likely going on leave in Calcutta or elsewhere in India.