He was a passenger on this flight. Insufficient data is available to properly identify and honor this veteran. Assistance would be appreciated – please use the contact page. He was most likely in the British Royal Army.


MCMULLAN, JAMES CORNWELL, Lieutenant Colonel, # 211792, British Royal Army


James C. McMullan was born in 12 August 1904 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, to James McMullan (1860-1916) (Ireland) and Eliza McMullan (1866-1924). Siblings were Gladys (McMullan) Ewing (1899-1977), David Frederick Roberts McMullan (1900-1942) (born Chefoo, China – died Tsinanfu Military Hospital, 9 April 1942, China), and Mary Alice McMullan (1903-1973). He was married to Rose Foster (Fenwick) Miller nee McMullan (1901-1975) and they had two children.