Fire was burning over an area of 300’. Ammunition was exploding. After recovery from Hue, French Indochina, the indistinguishable remains of James Carey, Fred Carey, and George Doyle, were buried in a group ceremony and burial in the Long Island National Cemetery, East Farmingdale, New York, on 12 July 1949 (Sec. J, Grave 14159). Both were awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart.eartHeart

James C. Carey

FRANKLIN, JOSEPH L., First Lieutenant, # 0-889199, USAAF


Joseph L. Franklin was born on 4 June 1920 in New Jersey to Anthony Joseph Franklin (1896-    ) (NJ) and Jean (Verducci) Franklin (1901-    ) (Italy). Sibling was Donald Franklin (1922-    ). His father taught the piano in 1930. He was recorded as a missing Jewish serviceman by his mother.


He enlisted in the USAAF in Newark New Jersey, on 5 January 1942. He completed technical and flight schools as a navigator of the B-25 Mitchell. He earned his commissions and crewman wings. He was sent overseas through India to China. On 20 June 1945 a B-25J, “Carolyn K,” # 43-27807, assigned 14th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 11th Bomb Squadron, Yangkai, China, departed the airfield on a bombing mission to Quang Tri, French Indochina (Annam or Vietnam). It was seen to crash at about 1508 Zulu near Quang Tri (16° 45’ North & 107° 11’ East). 1stLt Ronald E. Irwin, 0-889885, witnessed the crash. He reported that the B-25 came in on a bombing run at 110° across a two-span bridge at Quang Tri. As it came out of its dive, it rocked twice then straightened out 50’-75’ above the bridge. The left wing went down and the B-25 rolled over and crashed inverted, nose first, about 30’ to the left and 100’ past the bridge. It and its bombs exploded in a “terrific explosion” on impact. Flames and smoke rose 500’. Ten minutes later the rest of the B-25 flight overflew the crash at 2,500’.