43-3290           B25      (MACR 3789)


On 8 April 1944 a B-25D, # 43-3290, assigned to 14th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 491st Bomb Squadron (Heavy), Yangkai, China, departed its airfield on a night combat mission southeast to Yulikau Bay when the bombers were attacked by seven enemy Zero fighters. From the flight of B-25s, two B-25s were missing and one was seen to crash. The crew was:


                                     Pilot                             Col. Morris F. Taber                            0-21063

                                     Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Vincent E. Singer                      0-691122

                                     Navigator                    2ndLt Clayton F. Graybill                    0-714508

                                     Crew Chief                  Sgt William L. Christensen                   17156138

                                     Radio Operator            SSgt Ernest C. Cassetty                       35581900

                                     Armorer                       SSgt Malcolm M. Medlen                     19066440

                                                       (All enlisted men served dually as gunners)

The next-of-kin listed were:

                                        Taber               Doris P. Taber, W, 3611 Linden Ave., Seattle, WA

                                                                                     602 W. Virginia St., Lewistown, MT

                                                                Merna (Taber) Trowbridge, 615 E. Titus St., Kent, WA

                                        Singer              Ray R. Singer, F, 909 Seborn Ave., Zanesville, OH

                                        Graybill           Bertha M. Graybill, M, Box 83, Martinsburg, PA

                                        Christensen      Agnes M. Christensen, M, Rte 4, Parkston, SD

                                        Cassetty           Nina S. Cassetty, M, 842 S. Capitol, Indianapolis, IN

                                        Medlen            Claude Medlen, F, 1110 E. Jackson St., ?age, OK


Second B-25D crashed: 43-4209



Morris F. Taber was born on 12 June 1913 in Lewistown, Montana to Paul Webster Taber (1885-1942) (Minn.) and Anna Linton (Hobensack) Taber (1887-1974) (MT) (married 9 October 1912, Lewistown, MT). A sister was Merna Bernice (Taber) Trowbridge (1919-    ), 615 E. Titus St., Kent, Washington. He was married to Doris E. (Pehl) Taber, 3611 Linden Ave., Seattle, Washington, and of 602 W. Virginia St., Lewistown, MT, on 15 June 1938. Col. Taber was recorded as a missing Jewish serviceman by his father. Living with them in 1920-30 was his paternal grandmother, Anna (Webster) Taber (1846-1933) (widow of Frederick F. Taber. He attended the University of Washington. In the image included, he was a Lieutenant Colonel, 14th Air Force, being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by Major General C.L. Chennault, 14th Air Force Commander, for developing the low-level bomb attacks against Japanese shipping. Brigadier General Edgar E. Glenn, observes.


He enlisted in the USAAF in Montana. After enlisting, he completed flight instruction through advanced schools, was multi-engine rated, and earned his commission and pilot wings. He was sent overseas through India to China.