LINKEVICH, JOSEPH PETER, Staff Sergeant, # 13051977, USAAF


Joseph P. Linkevich was born on 4 April 1915 in Hazleton, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, to Joseph Anthony Linkevich (Juzas Linkavich) (1887-1947) (Susnikai, Lithuania, - Russia – arrived 1909 – naturalized 1917) and Mary Rose (Maria Rose Alashefsky) Linkevich (1896-1972) (Beaver Meadows, PA) (married circa 1910). Siblings included Mary Patricia (Linkevich) Boyle (1917-1980), Leona Linkevich (1921-1932), Ruth D. (Linkevich) Carroll (1923-###). Living with them in 1930 were maternal uncles, William Adam Alashefsky (1898-####), Frank Alashefsky (1900-1956) (U.S. Army, Private, # 33354809, Korean War), and maternal aunt, Agnes Alashefsky (1905-    ). William and Frank Alashefsky lived with them in 1940. His father worked as a coal miner in 1930-1940. He married Florence Mary McGee (1917-1978) on 5 April 1942 in St. Louis, Missouri, and they had a son. An interesting note is that when his father became a naturalized citizen, he renounced loyaly to Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia of historical worth.


He registered for the WWII draft on 16 October 1940, resided at 525 E. Walnut St., Hazleton, PA, employed by the Asplundlu Tree Co., and described himself as 6’, 165 lbs, with blond hair and blue eyes. He enlisted in the USAAF in Pennsylvania on 13 January 1942. He was trained to maintain and operate the radio equipment on the B-25 Mitchell, He earned his creman wings and was sent overseas to India on about 23 May 1944. On 5 September 1945, a B-25D, # 43-3407, assigned to 10th Air Force, 8th Reconnaisance Group, 40th Reconnaisance Squadron, departed the airfield at Alipore, India, on a flight to Sylet, India. The B-25 crashed and the crew killed near Sylhet, India. The remains of the crew (Coon, Linkevich, van Volkenburg, Weaver) were indistinguishable and were buried in a group burial and ceremony in the Alexandria National Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia, on 4 August 1949 (Sec. B, Grave 3640).