43-3612           B25


On 24 October 1944, a B-25D, # 43-3612, assigned to 10th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 490th Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Moran, Assam, India, on a bombing, strafing and reconnaissance mission over Maymyo, Burma. It was last seen at 1342 hours, near 22º 25’ North & 96º 37’ East, damaged by enemy ground fire, and it crashed into a jungle covered mountainside. The crew were:


                                    Pilot                                         2ndLt Frank M. Finney                        0-889200

                                    Co-Pilot                                   2ndLt Robert E. Wonnell                     0-713922

                                    Navigator/Bombardier            2ndLt Eugene C. Mueller                     0-704040

                                    Engineer-Gunner                     Cpl. George W. Dixon                         35173421

                                    Radio Operator-Gunner          Cpl. James S. Martin                            13065515

                                    Armorer-Gunner                     Cpl. Franklin E. A. Lowe                     15320622


On 26 Oct. 1944, twelve B-25s, on a mission, searched the area where the B-25 crashed but, were unable to locate it.


2ndLt Ralph W. Everett, 0-759581, B-25 pilot, and 2ndLt George Hyde, 0-699174, B-25 navigator, reported: While on a 230º course over the railroad about 15 miles NE of Maymyo, they saw a B-25 to his right about 1 to 1 ½ miles. It did not appear to be in trouble. They made their bomb run to the SW and circled then made another run to the NE. They rurned to make another run and saw the B-25 at their 11 o’clock about 1,000 feet higher. They were at about 300’ AGL. The B-25 sighted had the left engine trailing white smoke at about 1337 hours. The right engine was clear. That B-25 flew NNW (350º). They followed and climbed. They lost sight of the B-25 for a few minutes then saw it agasin at low altitude. They neared the B-25 and saw the left engine was not smoking but, the right engine was smoking. They did not notice whether the left was feathered. This is when the navigator first saw the B-25. He was at the B-25’s five o’clock and about 400’ above it. They saw two white specks, perhaps three, leave the B-25. If parachutes, they did not open completely. This was 1341 hours. At 1342 hours, the B-25 made a gliding turn toward the East and crashed into a mountainside. They made a 270º turn to the left and flew over the crash. The fuselage looked intact but, they could not see the wings. The navigator thought the tail was separated. They circled from 1342 to 1356 hours to get a photograph but, could not find it again. The area was hilly with dense foliage. They saw no open parachutes.


The next-of-kin listed were:


                                                    Finney             Virginia Grace Finney, W, Germantown, TN

                                                                             Mr & Mrs W C Finney, parents, Rte 1, Lynchburg, TN

                                                   Wonnell            Frances Wonnell, M, 511 Nauses Ave, Toledo, OH

                                                   Mueller             Maxine H Mueller, W, 2219 Avenue C, Council Bluffs, Iowa

                                                   Dixon               Nellie W Dixon, M, 1219 Fifth Ave, Akron, OH

                                                   Martin              James A Martin, F, 438 Avehan Ave, Roanoke, VA

                                                   Lowe                Mary Aiello, M, 4760 Broadview Rd, Cleveland, OH