43-3935           B25


On 1 June 1944, a 10th Air Force, 12th Bomb Group (Medium), 434th Bomb Squadron, a B-25J, # 43-3935, departed the airfield at Tezgaon, India, on a combat mission to bomb the railroad bridge near Moza, Burma. The weather conditions were very poor with a heavy overcast up to 10,000 feet. The crew were:


                                              Pilot                             1stLt Arthur G. Chalk                         0-740039

                                              Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Nathaniel A. Hanau Jr.             0-677264

                                              Navigator/Bombardier Flight Officer Charles A Launsyer     T-111799

                                              Radio Operator            SSgt Mauro W. D’Errice                     3280408

                                              Engineer                      Sgt Howard R. Holt                             20761157

                                              Armorer                       Sgt Armand E. Cooney                       20167437

                                              (the enlisted men were also gunners)


The aircraft was last seen by 1stLt Herbert W. Lehman, # 0-672134 and 1stLt Edwin F. Johnson, # 0-672119. An element of three aircraft, they had bombed their target and were returning to base. The element flew into a large cloud and, upon exiting, 1stLt Chalk’s aircraft was not again seen.

The next-of-kin were listed as:           

                                            D’Errice          Mr Angelo D’Errice, father, 755 E. 227th St, Bronx, NY

                                            Chalk               Mrs Frances C. Chalk, wife, P.O. Box 53, Wakeeney, Kansas

                                            Hanau              Mrs Helen K Hanau, mother, RFD 2, Chardon, OH

                                            Launsyer          Mrs Sarah E Launsyer, mother, RR # 1, Cedar Lake, IN

                                            Holt                 Mr Ora F. Holt, father, 123 Fourth St, Des Moines, Iowa

                                            Cooney            Mr Lester W Cooney, father, 349 Center St, Chicoyon, Mass.