As it flew back at low altitude, another B-25 accompanied it. Some puffs of smoke came off its good engine and they entered some small rain squalls and entered a valley. The stricken B-25 did not reappear. The accompanying B-25 circled and crew saw the B-25 on the ground in a shallow gulley. Two parachutes were about 75 yards away. They circled and did not see signs of life. They dropped food rations and made to photo runs (failed due to bad camera). Search and rescue were given the coordinates and they returned to base. The tail and radio section were damaged so badly no one could escape. The rear emergency escape hatch had been pulled and the hatch could not be found. Two bodies were found 200 yards from the crash with partially opened parachutes. The five-man crew were buried in a common grave about 50’ from the crash. Five bodies were exhumed by Graves Registration, four identified by Capt. Frankburg by dental records and then sent to Myitkyina on a C-47 for burial. After recovery from India, his remains were buried in the Riverview Heights Cemetery, Kennewick, Washington.