The unidentifiable remains recovered by allied Graves Registration teams buried them in a single-casket one-grave burialin Arlington National Cemetery. Those remains included are believed to be of the following: British Capt. G.H. Borrow, MC, British War Correspondent Stewart Emeny,1stLt Brian F. Hodges, USAAF, TSgt James W. Hickey, USAAF, SSgt James W. McIninch, USAAF, TSgt Frank Sadoski, USAAF, 2ndLt Stephen A. Wanderer, USAAF, British War Correspondent Stanley Wills, British Major General Orde Charles Wingate, D.S.C. (Arlington Cemetery, Section 12, site 288).

The first memorial service was held at the crash site in March 1944, with full military honours, with Maj-Gen W. D. A. Lentaigne, Lord Louis Mountbatten, another officer and several British troops in attendance. A wooden cross was put in place; the cross held a round inscribed metal plaque, at its centre, which read: ‘Maj-Gen O. C. Wingate, DSO / Capt. G. H. Borrow, MC / Mr. Stewart Emeny (War Correspondent) / Mr. Stanley Wills (War Correspondent) / 1st Lieut. Brian E. F. Hodges, USAAF / 2nd Lieut. Stephan A. Wanderer, USAAF/ Tech Sgt Frank Sadoski, USAAF / S Sgt James W. Hickey, USAAF / S Sgt Vernon A. McInnich, USAAF’ The plaque was decorated with a simple line image of a chinthe (‘chindit’) and a pagoda spire.

In 1947 the remains of these crash victims were disinterred from their original burial place with the cooperation of allied graves affairs personnel and buried in the British War Cemetery at Imphal in India. As the severe impact of the crash prevented establishing which remains were which person, the policy of the time was for the remains to be buried in the nation from which the majority of the victims originated. In this case, the country was the USA.

 On 10 November 1950 the intermingled remains were disinterred from the British War Cemetery at Imphal and buried, with full military honours, at Arlington Cemetery in the USA. The grave reference is Sec. 12. Collective Grave 288. The family placed a beautiful monument to honor him in the Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, Oklahoma.

HICKEY, JAMES WALTON, Technical Sergeant, # 20811833, USAAF


James W. Hickey was born 5 June 1919, in Royce City, Texas, to Maxwell A. Hickey (1881-1964) and  Margaret Melvina (Luttrell) Hickey (1889-1980). In 1919 his father born in Tennessee, was a mechanic. Hi mother was born in Oklahoma. Siblings included Olin C. Hickey (1906-1972), Nettie Marie (Hickey) Boydston (1915-1995), Ray Edwin Hickey (1921-1988), and Doris Maxine Hickey (1925-1987). In 1940, the family lived on Roscoe St., Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. His father then worked as a night watchman and James W. and Olin C. worked in advertising for a bottling company.