Andrew Postlewait, service # 0494042, born 27 July 1905 (according to a form he completed), served in WW II. After training from enlistment on 28 January 1925, he served in the U.S. to 5 December 1943, in the USAAF, and he was sent overseas to India through 1 November 1945. In November 1943, he married Ida B. Coon in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. In 1950, he was stationed at Reese Air Force Base, Lubbock, Texas. He retired 30 November 1953 from the U.S. Air Force. He died 12 October 1984.

WINN, WILLIAM J., Private First Class, # 6113568, USAAF


He served in the USAAF 1st Commando Group. On 4 March 1944, B-25H, # 43-4259, assigned to 10th Air Force, 5318 P.A.U., departed the air base at Hailkandi, India, on a combat mission to the Irrawady River. At about 1530 hours, near Tagaung, Burma, it was last sighted making a low gunner attack on the target when the left wing hit trees and caused it to crash. The B-25H seemed to mush when he pulled up and struck trees and part of the wing came off. The B-25H climbed a little and then the left wing went down and the B-25H crashed into some woods, cart-wheeling about 100 yards then exploded. The crew was killed. The remains of the crew were recovered by Graves Registration from the cemetery in Hawaii. Unable to distinguish the remains from each other, a single casket burial was arranged for 1stLt Dillard, SSgt Klaus, TSgt Postlewait, and PFC Winn, in the Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky, on 29 September 1949 (Section E, Grave 172-173.



On 7 September 1944, a B-25H, # 43-4277, assigned to 14th Air Force, 341st Bomb Group, 11th Bomb Squadron, departed the air base at Kweilin, China, on a combat mission to Kiyang, China. The last contact was by radio. It was reported a battle casualty. The crew were:

Pilot                                         1stLt Lyle J. White                   0-674969

Bombardier/Navigator             2ndLt Jones C. Hopper            0-759934

Engineer                                  Sgt Richard G. Lovell              39905876

Radio Operator                        SSgt Richard F. Dorn               34906193

Armorer                                   Sgt William H. Anderson         20246002


It was last contacted by: 1stLt Marcus L. Sloat, 0-810427. Sgt. W. H. Anderson reported back stating he was the only survivor. The remainder died.


1stLt Sloat reported: The mission was to bomb enemy troops and vehicles on the road from Lingling to Kiyang with a minimum altitude of 2,000 feet with no strafing on the road. After dropping bombs, we strafed boats on the river between Kiyand and Paishui, with the intention of proceeding to Paishui then return to Kweilin. While flying to AX-2 we flew in formation then from AX-2 to Kiyang was single ship. At Paishui, Lt. White made a few strafing and cannon passes on the river. After making about 6 strafing passes, Sloat was out of ammunition. Sloat called ship # 416 to proceed to Kweilin but got no reply. He circled to locate him and there were several B-25s in the area. Sloat circled again and called White again but again got no reply. Sloat could see 2 B-25s coming SW from Paishui so started back to the road. Sloat crossed the river at Lingling and he called ship # 416, asking for his position. White replied “I am _______ [something] zero miles NE of AX-2.”