LOVELL, RICHARD CLIFTON, Sergeant, # 39905876, USAAF


Richard G. Lovell was born 3 February 1922 in Lagrange County, Indiana to Jay Leonard Lovell (1893-1968) and Helen Elizabeth (Ashley) Lovell (1895-1951). Siblings included Margaret Helen Lovell (1915-1986), Robert Jay Lovell (1917-1979), Kathryn R. Lovell (1918-1918), Anna Marie Lovell (1919-1973), Leonard Alvin Lovell (1924-1950), Ernest Frank Lovell (1926-2012), Carolyn Elizabeth Lovell (1927-1996) and Phyllis Joann Lovell (1935-    ).


He enlisted in the USAAF on 28 December 1942 in Salt Lake City, Utah, with two years of college. On 7 September 1944, a B-25H, # 43-4277, assigned to 14th Air Force, 69th Composite Wing, 341st Bomb Group, 11th Bomb Squadron, departed the air base at Kweilin, China, on a combat mission to Kiyang, China. The last contact was by radio. It was reported a battle casualty as it was shot down by enemy Zero fighters. His remains were buried in the East Springfield Cemetery, Lagrange, Indiana.


His brother, Robert Jay Lovell, born 29 April 1917, enlisted in the USAAF at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio, on 14 October 1941, with four years of college. He died 11 February 1979 and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Burton, Geauga County, Ohio. 


Another brother, Leonard Alvin Lovell, born 23 February 1924, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on 22 October 1942 and was honorably discharged as a Sergeant, # 481773, on 4 January 1946. He was assigned to 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Tank Battalion, Company A. He died 20 October 1950 and is buried in the East Springfield Cemetery, La Grange, Indiana.


Another brother, Ernest Frank Lovell, born 5 February 1926, was enlisted on 5 July 1943 in the U.S. Navy, # 3687661, during WW II. He served aboard a Northampton-class heavy cruiser, the U.S.S. Chester (CA-27) from mid-1943 through early 1946.  The U.S.S. Chester displaced 9.300 tons. Its speed was 32.7 knots and she had a crew of 621. In Nov., 1943 she sailed for the Gilbert Islands and took part in the bombardment of Tarawa, Abemama Islands, Taroa, Wotje and Maloelap. She took part in the bombardment of Marcus Island then joined Task Force 38.1 for the invasions of Luzon and Saipan in the Leyte operations (Battle of the Leyte Gulf). From Nov., 1944 to Feb., 1945 she operated from Ulithi and Saipan then took part in the bombardments of Iwo Jima and the Bonins. She conducted patrols off Okinawa in June 1944 and in July joined the Coast Striking Group (TG 95.2) off the Yangtze River Delta. She voyaged to the Aleutians then took part in the occupation landings of Ominato, Aomori, Hakodate, and Otaru through Oct., 1945. After the war, she embarked troops for the U.S. from Okinawa and then back to Guam and to Philadelphia, PA. He completed his enlisted as a SC3C (Ship’s Cook, 3rd Class - Petty Officer). He died 16 November 2012, in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1950 he married Mary Lou Seavers. He is buried in the Smithville Memorial Cemetery, Missouri.

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