CARHART, SANFORD WENDELL, JR., Technical Sergeant, #32171604, USAAF


Sanford W. Carhart, Jr., was born on 11 July 1919 in Brooklyn, New York to Sanford Wendell Carhart (1885-1958) and Edna Elizabeth (Schifferdecker) Carhart (1886-1969). He attended Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut. In 1940 his father was a lumber salesman.


He enlisted in the USAAF on 28 August 1941 in Camp Upton Yaphank, New York with 4 years of college. Trained in the maintenance and operation of all radio and interphone equipment on the B-25 Mitchell, he earned his crewman wings. On 26 January 1944, a B-25H, # 43-4282, assigned to the 14th Air Force, 1st Bomb Group, 2nd Bomb Squadron, Li Chin Chen field, China, departed the base at Wuchow, China, on an alert mission to Kweilin, China. It was last sighted at about 1400 hours. The base operations officer last saw the aircraft at Wuchow, China. Its last known location was the mountain of Hwang-Chia-Wen, 12th Pao Liang-Yu village, Hunan province, 150 kilometers South of Hongyang China. The family rememberd and honored him with a marker in the Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, Albany County, New York.