LEIMER, FRANK JOSEPH, Technical Sergeant, # 18043134, USAAF


Frank J. Leimer was born on 1 February 1916 in Galveston, Galveston County, Texas, to Ferdinand Leimer (1871-1958) and Antonia (Jedlicka) Leimer (1885-1956).  He graduated from Ball High School. Siblings included John Leimer (1901-1969), Ferdinand Leimer Jr. (1904-1975), Robert Leopold Leimer (1914-1982) and a sister, Eleanor “Ellen” (Leimer) Newkirk (1910-1994). The parents were from Austria.


He enlisted 21 June 1941 in the USAAF in Houston, Texas. He was trained as an armorer, responsible for the maintenance and function of all the weapons on the B-25 Mitchell and earned his crewman wings. On 26 January 1944, a B-25H, # 43-4282, assigned to the 14th Air Force, 1st Bomb Group, 2nd Bomb Squadron, Li Chin Chen field, China, departed the base at Wuchow, China, on an alert mission to Kweilin, China. It was last sighted at about 1400 hours. The base operations officer last saw the aircraft at Wuchow, China. Its last known location was the mountain of Hwang-Chia-Wen, 12th Pao Liang-Yu village, Hunan province, 150 kilometers South of Hongyang China. Graves Registration retrived remains buried in the National Cemetery, Washington D.C. 8 November 1947. The family remembered and honored him with a marker in the Galvestion Memorial Park, Hitchcock, Galvestion County, Texas.


His brother John Leimer, born 22 April 1905 in Purchberg Abing, Germany (Austria), enlisted in the U.S. Army 21 April 1942, in Houston, Texas, and served during WW II as a U.S. Army PFC in North Africa fighting the Italians and Germans. He died 26 March 1969 in Galveston, Texas. He was buried in the Galveston Memorial Park.