43-43859         MACR 15744 


No form MACR report was available, however, it appears this aircraft was likely a B-29, #43-43859, which crashed on 12 September 1944, after a steep turn and became inverted then dove into the ground. It occurred during a “Bombay” evasive action training exercise. It was a 10th Air Force bomber and the assigned positions of the crewmen were not available so they will be listed in the order on a communication found on fold3.com:

                                                 2ndLt Leo Franklin Schaffer                  0-753307

                                                 2ndLt Robert E. Stahl                             0-720596

                                                 1stLt Louis C. Schwartz                         0-798897

                                                 SSgt John F. Hines                                  32397027

                                                 SSgt A.R. Posyphalla                             16047094

                                                 SSgt Estil A. Bowman Jr.                       18081429

                                                 Sgt Seymour Rosenblum                        32620432

                                                 Sgt Glen R. Bush                                    34344955

                                                 Cpl Loren J. Husted                                37263099

                                                 Flight Officer Fernand D. Jolicoeur R.C.A.F. # J-18987

Next-of-kin were listed as:

                                              Schwartz          Jennie G Schwartz, M, 6401 24th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

                                              Shaffer             George K Shaffer, F, 326 Colorado Plc, Long Beach, CA

                                              Stahl                Edward J.H. Stahl, F, Rte 2, Brownstown, IN

                                              Hines               Mrs Hines, , 1521 SW 25th St, Oklahoma City, OK

                                                                      James J. McClymer, B, 301 Mill St, Dunmore, PA

                                              Pospyhalla       Barbara P. Kolberg, S, 1818 N Astor St, Milwaukee, Wisc.

                                              Bowman          Nell N Bowman, M, 714 Parkmont St, Dallas, TX

                                              Bush                William O Bush, F, Rte 1, Seminary, Mississippi

                                              Rosenblum      Minnie P Rosenblum, M, 4330 44th St, Sunnyside, NY

                                              Husted             Ernest W Husted, F, RFD 3, Hartley, Iowa


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SCHWARTZ, LOUIS C., First Lieutenant, # 0-798897, USAAF


Louis C. Schwartz was born in 1917 in New York. He was recorded as a missing Jewish serviceman.


He enlisted (#12052708) in the USAAF in New York, New York, resided in Kings Co., New York, on 19 January 1942. He was trained and earned his commission and wings. Assigned to India, he died 12 September 1944. He is remembered in the Long Island National Cemetery, East Farmingdale, New York.